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CPI supports teaching and learning to become more Flexible, Accessible, and Customizable

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CPI is offering a series of sessions to support you online at CPI Events. Resources and recordings from past events are available on our Special Interest Sessions and Workshops pages.

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Visit the Online Teaching Gallery for recordings of Brock Instructors talking about their online teaching experiences

CPI’s gallery of instructors describing their online teaching

More ideas to consider for your class:

  • If you generally have a class break, consider allowing students to leave class early instead of having a break to help reduce traffic flow on campus and to provide more time for entering and exiting class.
  • Consider using the Brightspace Assignments tool instead of having student submit paper-based assignment to minimize student’s need for printing, being on campus, and handling shared resources.
  • There are many legitimate reasons students may be unable to attend class. Here are some strategies to support students off-campus to continue to engage:
    • Ask one of the students to take notes and connect with that student to provide the notes.
    • Create an MS Teams meeting and allow one or more of the students to connect to the off-campus student(s) so that they are able to virtually attend lecture. Students can also create MS Teams sessions themselves on their laptops or phones to share with their peers who are away.
    • Share recordings from lectures that you might have made previously. A quick 2021 reflection and update video would also help put the recording in context.
    • If a student misses a test or quiz, use the online quiz tool to provide them with the opportunity to complete the test/quiz.
  • Instructors are welcome to hold their office hours online through the MS Teams or Lifesize platforms.
  • Remember you may need to multi-factor authenticate into on-campus devices so ensure you bring whichever device you have setup for this process. ITS help documentation on MFA is available at: https://brocku.ca/information-technology/service-catalogue/security-and-access/multi-factor-authentication/

If you are already teaching in a HyFlex room, consider share your scheduled meeting link with your students to allow them to attend in multiple formats (via Teams, via Sakai, via Email, etc).

Instructions on how to use the HyFlex Rooms can be found on our documentation wiki at: https://docu.brocku.ca/sakai/index.php/Teaching_in_a_HyFlex_room

You can contact ITS AV Services for an individual training session on the use of these rooms.  The current HyFlex rooms are TH 255, 256, 257, 258, 259, and Welch Hall 147.

CPI provides a course outline template for graduate and undergraduate courses that includes suggested language for policy around academic integrity and accommodations.

Putting course resources on a website or in Brock University’s Learning Management System (Brightspace) means that students can access course documents, complete assignments, take quizzes, and post on discussion forums electronically.

Online modules can also be created with the easy-to-use Brightspace Content tool.

history screencast lecture

Example of a pre-recorded video lecture by Dr. Samson in HIST 2P01

Your entire lecture does not need to be a video. Research shows that videos less than 10 minutes are ideal (Guo, Kim, & Rubin, 2014). See the section on using Lessons on how you can incorporate static text and images to provide context to short lectures or “lecture-ettes”.

To prerecord video on a local computer for distribution online via the LMS or other platforms, instructors may wish to use one of the following asynchronous video solutions:

  • PowerPoint
    • Microsoft PowerPoint has built-in audio and timing recording functionality which allows instructors to narrate their own power points. Instructors can use the same slides they already use, record audio, and then distribute their slides with audio narration included to students via the LMS or other platforms. See office.com for detailed instructions.

To conduct class meetings with small groups of undergraduate/graduate students or to hold office hours, instructors may wish to use example live lecture in Microsoft Teamsone of the following video conferencing solutions:

Depending on the type of assessment, it may be possible to keep the existing format in place with small tweaks to have students submit online.

For a paper-based assignment, you may be able to use the Isaak-Sakai Assignments tool to have student submit online instead of on paper:

For face-to-face presentation-based assignment, you may be able to use the Isaak-Sakai Videos tool to have students create online videos instead of seminars:

  • for instructors: Add a Video Assignment
  • for students: Submit a Video Assignment

We have guides for Creating Accessible Classroom Resources that can help guide you through the process.

  • We have details about using:

Discussions can be a good way to engage in meaningful discussions either in text, audio, or video. They can be useful for frequently asked questions or topic-based conversations. The forums tool in Sakai is group aware and can be set up for small group discussions.

  • More information about facilitating an online discussion in Brightspace
  • Editable Resource for Teaching Assistants to facilitate discussions
  • Contact cpi@brocku.ca to schedule a consult to best address your pedagogical needs for achieving your courses’ learning outcomes

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