Isaak / Sakai (Legacy LMS)

Brock University’s Sakai-based Learning Management System (LMS) is located at

Sakai is Brock University’s legacy Learning Management System.

Sakai courses from FW2018 to FW2023 have been imported into Brightspace and are available for import into new Brightspace courses.

Sakai Content in Brightspace


The best practice for building a course site in an LMS is to start fresh by building within the new space, meaning that the best courses will be those created in Brightspace for Brightspace. However, having some Sakai content available in Brightspace is a helpful reference. The site homepage includes lots of useful information about how migrated sites in Brightspace can act as a starting guide for this process; including information on how to remove yourself from these sites if you’re not interested. 

We encourage instructors to take a look at the migrated content as soon as possible. To view your migrated content log into with your BrockU credentials > click on the waffle icon near the top of the screen > and in the list that appears, any of the sites that begin with Sakai: contain your migrated content. Most of the material that was present in Sakai will reside in the Content, Assignments, Quizzes, and Discussions tools. 

Contact the CPI for Help

Instructors are always welcome to contact the CPI with their questions about Isaak, Brock University’s Sakai-Based LMS.  We provide free one-on-one consultations throughout the year at our offices and instructor’s offices.

Please contact us by emailing or through our web site.

Removal of Old Course Sites

Sakai/Isaac course sites that are four years old or older are deleted in an annual deletion process in early Spring. Site contacts will be emailed in advance of a deletion process advising them which of their sites are affected and detailing steps on how to backup required content. This process is continuing to reduce Brock’s data footprint, maintain a records management process, and decrease the resources required to operate the system. This process is also being undertaken to limit legal discovery and freedom of information searches to a reasonable and standardized period and will limit the amount of personal information that could be exposed in the event of a privacy breach. Ad-Hoc and Project types sites are not currently removed on an annual basis.

Older Isaak-Sakai site content can be copied into newer sites or exported from key tools. Steps on how to export content have been documented at: .

More information on the process is detailed in the LMS Site Deletion Plan (updated 2021)