Nicholas Gadea

Nicholas Gadea Headshot

Nicholas (Nico) Gadea has been a TA and Lab Demonstrator in the Health Sciences department for the past three years.

He’s shown exemplary leadership in teaching and has made significant contributions to the development of the labs for two courses in particular, Human Anatomy (HLSC 2P95) and Human Pathology (HLSC 4P95).

Nicholas shares with students his “unrelenting sense of fascination for the world.” “Growth takes practice, patience and passion,” says Nicholas. “I seek to teach students how to tap into all three of these quintessential qualities that will serve them no matter where the yellow brick road leads them.”



“Nicholas stresses the importance of not just learning the course content but also on the learning process. It is this type of approach that allows students to “learn how to learn.” The environment that he creates is fun, interactive and, importantly, a place where students feel comfortable to ask questions while learning the material.”

“Nicholas made sure that every student whom he was responsible for felt valued and cared for. He created environments where students could feel comfortable in putting themselves out there knowing the Nicholas’s classroom was a judgement-free zone. His teaching methods made learning human anatomy an enjoyable experience … Nicholas always did his best to not only make sure his students were succeeding, but that they were enjoying their university experience.”