Paid Parking

Paid parking options include hourly, daily, 5-pack, and monthly. Paid parking lots and spaces are located in close proximity to campus buildings.

We exclusively use HONK mobile as a convenient, customer- friendly payment method.  Payment can be made through the HONK mobile app from the App Store – Apple or  Google Play Store – Android or on the HONK Mobile website.

Parking is enforced 24/7. Permits & Paid Parking is required Monday to Friday 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Certain lots & locations may differ.  All vehicles parked on University Property must valid parking through the purchase of a permit or paid parking through HONK mobile.

Short-Term Paid Parking OptionsPriceLocations
HONK Hourly$4.00/hour (30 minutes minimum to 4 hours maximum)Lot D
Lot E
Lot P
Lot Glenridge
Lot East Academic
Flora Egerter Way
University Rd. W
HONK Daily$14.00/ day (until 2 a.m.)Lot D
Lot E
Lot Glenridge
Long-Term Paid Parking OptionsPriceLocations
HONK 5-Pack$60 (Five individual days of parking)Lot D
Lot E
Lot Glenridge
HONK Lot 1 Monthly$120 (day of month to the same day in the following month, ie. 2nd to 2nd)Lot 1
HONK Lot 2 Monthly$95 (day of month to the same day in the following month, ie. 2nd to 2nd)Lot 2
Residence Paid Parking Options (Only available to registered residence students/overnight guests via Residence Service Desk Check-In)PriceLocations
Residence/Overnight Guest 24-Hour HONK$14.00Lot Quarry View - Residence
Lot 3B
Lot 4A/4B
Residence/Overnight Guest 1-Week HONK$55.00Lot Quarry View - Residence
Lot 3B
Lot 4A/4B
Residence/Overnight Guest 1-Month HONK$120.00Lot Quarry View - Residence
Lot 3B
Lot 4A/4B

How to Pay:  

Step 1:  Download the App or scan the QR Code: 

Step 2: Enter the Zone ID 

  • The  four-digit Zone ID is posted on the Honk signs located in the lot 
  • If you scan the QR code, the four- digit Zone ID will be entered for you 
  • Each parking lot has it’s own unique four- digit Zone ID 

Step 3: Select your parking session duration.   

Step 4: Add your vehicle information 

  • Enter your licence plate and tap the “Add Vehicle” button 
  • Be sure to double check you have added your licence plate correctly 

Step 5: Add payment method 

  • Select “New Credit Card” (if you have not already set this up previously)
  • Select “Credit or Debit”; enter your card number, Card CVV, expiry date and postal code
  • Select “Add Card” 

Step 6: Payment 

  • On the checkout page, verify your information is correct – plate number, start/end time, payment method. 
  • If correct, select “Pay and Park”
  • The parking fee will be charged to your method of payment.  You may choose to receive optional text messages/alerts to be notified when your session is about to expire (carrier rates may apply). 
  • You may extend the length of your parking session without returning to your vehicle however you will be limited to the maximum duration permitted under local area parking restrictions. 

Once you have set up your Honk account, you may save your information so when you visit again or visit another North American location where Honk is offered, all you’ll need to do would be to select your parking session and pay!