Lot S & Village Rd Expansion

Lot S

April 2019 update:

Beginning Monday April 29 Lot S will be closed for phase 1 of the lot expansion.

Lot S permit holders will park in Zone 1 or Zone 2 throughout the spring and summer.

Pedestrians who typically cut through Lot S from Zone 2 are reminded to use the sidewalk on Flora Egeter Way as the area will be fenced off.

May 2019 update:

The contractor is currently excavating the road and parking lot, installing storm sewers and preparing for Village power outage (shut-down) scheduled for late May.  The Village Residence will be without power until late July.  Provisions are being may to provide temporary backup power for residence staff and contractors working within the Village proper.

 Village Rd

Beginning April 29 Village Rd will be restricted to one lane of traffic controlled by Traffic Control Personnel.

On May 1, access to the road will be closed, however access to emergency/ service vehicles will be permitted (May 1-May 10).

Road reconstruction will follow the gas main relocation and will be continuous to August 23.

Temporary closures and lane restrictions will be in effect throughout the construction period.  Please note that access to service vehicles will be maintained with the exception of a few of the operations.

Lot P will be integral with the road reconstruction and therefore closures and restrictions will be in place from time to time.