Parking 101

It’s the responsibility of every student, faculty, staff and visitor to the University to be aware of the parking regulations on campus. This will help avoid parking tickets at Brock.

  • All vehicles entering and parking on campus must display a valid Brock University parking permit, or park at a meter or pay/display lot at all times.
  • Permits must be displayed properly on the vehicle, according to the instructions on the permit. All parking lots have signs indicating the type of permit and restrictions. Please read all signs and regulations.
  • Posted signs, whether permanent or temporary, must be obeyed at all times. Signs take precedence over painted curbs, pavement markings, and designations shown on any Brock University map.
  • If you receive a parking ticket, please do not ignore it. Either submit an appeal of the ticket within 10 business days of when the ticket was issued, or pay the ticket by mail or in person.
  • If you park illegally but do not find a ticket on your car, don’t assume you weren’t ticketed or that you were allowed to park there. The tickets may have detached from the vehicle’s windshield. You are responsible for any ticket against your permit or vehicle.
  • Tickets are billed first to the permit holder and then to the vehicle’s registered owner if no permit is displayed. Permit holders are responsible for all tickets issued to their permit, regardless of vehicle ownership. If you have unpaid ticket charges, you will not be able to purchase a parking permit. Students with unpaid ticket charges may be barred from receiving diplomas or official transcripts. Your vehicle may be towed and impounded until all unpaid charges are paid in full.
  • Contact Parking Services at 905-688-5550 x4309 if your vehicle has been towed.
  • Always display a current Brock parking permit, and park in your designated area within a legally marked parking space.

We are here to help you have an easy parking experience at Brock. Please contact us with questions, concerns or feedback at or 905-688-5550 x 4309.