Permits & Permit Sales

Permits are sold online onlyThe are available for purchase here Purchase a Permit 

Starting July 11th, 2023 Staff and Faculty may Purchase a Permit online.

All payments via payroll deduction (monthly or biweekly) must be submitted before September 18 at 4:30pm.

Click here to view the Permit Rates. 

Questions, email parking@brocku.ca

Starting August 8th, 2023 Students may Purchase a Permit.

Click here to view the Permit Rates.

Residence – Lot 3A

  • This permit is for overnight parking nearest to Lowenberger Residence and Village Residences.

Residence – Lot 4

  • This permit is for overnight parking nearest to Decew Residence, Earp Residence, Vallee Residence, and Residence 8.

Residence – Lot Quarry View

  • This permit is for overnight parking nearest to Quarry View Residence.

Click here to view the Permit Rates 

Two licence plates can be attached to your permit however only ONE vehicle is permitted on campus at once. Should the second vehicle assigned to the permit need to attend campus at the same time, a separate HONK payment is required in order to validate parkingFor more information about permits click here.

When you purchased your permit through the Self-Serve Portal you entered your licence plate. Your licence plate is your virtual permit.  This means you no longer need to display a physical permit.

Brock Suites students who require parking may register their personal vehicle (one vehicle) with Parking Services on a first come first served basis.

Brock Suites parking is subject to Parking Services Rules & Regulations.

Your Brock Suites parking permit is for your one personal vehicle only and your permit may not be shared, sold or transferred. You will be fined, your parking privileges will be suspended and you may be subject to academic discipline if other vehicles are found using your parking permit.

Paid Parking

To learn more about how to pay for parking click here. 

If you would like to purchase a permit click here. 

If you are experiencing technical issues please contact us.  

If you know that you will be attending the campus, you can pay for your parking session ahead of time by logging into honkmobile.com.

  • Please contact us so we can assist you with your parking payment 


If you no longer need your parking permit, and it is before April 1st, you can request a refund through the Refund Request Form and receive a refund for any full-month(s) remaining on their permit.

Yes. You may upgrade or downgrade your permit before April 1st. 

To view the refund and exchange policy click here.

Tickets & Appeals

To pay a ticket, click here.

The entire parking validation system is virtual. Without the proper equipment you would not be able to see if the vehicles next to you have validated parking. This means these vehicles either had their parking validated, or were not there when the lot was enforced and your ticket was issued.

To dispute a ticket, login to the self-serve portal and select the Appeal a ticket option.

To learn more about the ticket appeals process and what tickets are eligible for appeal, click here.

If you have outstanding fines please log in to the self-serve portal to make paymentIf you have questions or concerns please contact us.

If you do not pay your violation within the 10-day period, your account is subject to additional fees and penalties. 

Students with excessive violations may have an academic seal placed on their student records and may be flagged to have their vehicle immobilized/towed. As a result, you will not be able to access your grades on your student portal. Note: outstanding fines may cause graduation diplomas to be withheld until fines have been paid. 

Immobilized "Booted" Vehicle

A parking boot is a device used to temporarily immobilize a vehicleThe boot is clamped on to one of the vehicles wheels (usually the front driver’s side) and is locked in place preventing the vehicle from being driven and the wheel from being removed from the vehicle. 

After exhausting a comprehensive education and enforcement program with violators who are still in violation of rules & regulations, we immobilize (boot) the vehicle to keep costs down. Accounts with excessive fines and/or those vehicles who are not identified in our database maybe immobilized and/or towed. Placing a boot on a vehicle is less costly than towing. 

If you discover a boot has been placed on your vehicle it could be for one of a few reasons. 

  • Your vehicle received multiple fines that remain unpaid 
  • Your vehicle is parked illegally 
  • Your vehicle is not identified in our database and is parked illegally or has unpaid fines 
  • Other 

When a boot is attached to your vehicle’s tire, there are a number of precautions Parking Services take to ensure the driver is aware of the boot.  You will receive a warning notice on your driver side window or front windshield along with caution tape from the boot to your driver side mirrorTogether, these will alert you your vehicle has been immobilized. Any attempt to remove the boot yourself or drive with the boot on will cause damage to your vehicle that you are then responsible for. Brock University is not responsible for damage.

If you discover that your vehicle has been booted, DO NOT attempt to move your vehicleCall or attend Parking Services during our business hours posted onlinePlease visit the Parking Services website for more information about how to Contact Us. 

Parking Services and Brock University is not responsible for any damage caused to your vehicle should you attempt to move your vehicle or attempt to remove the boot from the tireAttempting to move your vehicle with the boot attached will cause damage to your vehicle and the immobilization device. Any tampering or damage to the boot may be subject to additional fines and/or further charges. 

When a vehicle is booted, a ticket will be issued for the infraction associated with the violationAdditionally, a Boot Application Fee and an Administrative Fee will be applied to the accountAny attempted tampering will result in a Tampering Fee, and any damage will result in a Boot Replacement Fee added to the already outstanding fines. 

Trained Parking Services Enforcement staff are authorized to use the boot as a parking enforcement optionIf a vehicle is parked in such a way that prevents a boot from being installed, the vehicle may be towed instead. 

Avoiding tickets, fees and fines is easy! Simply follow the parking rules and regulations and pay for parkingIf you have received ticket(s) that remain unpaid, sign into the online self-serve portal to register your vehicle and ensure your account information is up to dateParking Rules and Regulations can be viewed online.  

Towed Vehicles

Parking Services may tow any vehicle with excessive fines, or vehicles which are parked in a way that is in violation of the parking Rules and Regulations, even if you have paid for parking at the time.   

Vehicles that are towed off campus, are relocated to: 

S&W Towing 

59 Carlton Street

St. Catharines, ON 

L2R 1P9 


 If your vehicle was towed to S&W Towing the fees payable directly to S&W are as follows: 

  • Tow fee 
  • After 48 hours, a per day storage fee will be added 
  • If you are picking up the vehicle after 9:00pm, a gate opening fee will be charged 

Please note, these fees are payable to directly to S&W Towing at the time of retrieving your vehicle, are in addition to any fees outstanding and owing to Brock University Parking Services.  

Parking Services will work with you to make a payment plan that is manageable for you to pay your outstanding account balance.  Payments are required on a bi-weekly basis until such time the account is paid in full.  It is your responsibility to contact Parking Services if you are unable to make a payment. If you don’t contact Parking Services prior to defaulting on your payment plan, your vehicle may be towed again. 

S&W Towing is only responsible for collecting the fees owed and associated to them. S&W Towing will not collect outstanding fines owed to Brock University Parking Services. 

Should you fail to complete your payment plan, miss a payment without letting Parking Services know, or your vehicle is found to be in violation of the parking rules and regulations (ie. not paying for parking), your vehicle while be ticketed and or immobilized or towed at your own risk and expense.  Your payment plan will become null and void and your account will need to be paid in full before your vehicle will be eligible to be parked on campus.  

When you attend Parking Services to complete a vehicle relocation form, a Parking Ambassador will provide you with the address and bus route to S&W Towing.  Alternatively, there are taxi services and Uber that may be an option. 

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking is located in various lots throughout campus

If you have a valid Brock permit and a valid MTO issued accessibility permit, you may park in any accessible space on campus. 

If you do not have a Brock permit but have a valid MTO issued accessibility permit, you may park in any accessible space where paid parking is available and purchase parking through HONK.   

Recreation Multi-Week Program Permits

Paid parking is available in Lot P, D, and along University Road West. More information about paid parking can be found on our paid parking link.

If you purchased a multi-week recreation program or multi-week swimming lesson, see the FAQ below.

Multi-week recreation programs, including multi-week swim lessons, include access to parking in Lot B during your programming time.

Within two business days of registering for your multi-week recreation program or multi-week swim lessons, you will receive an email from parking@brocku.ca with instructions on how to register your license plate(s), and the rules and regulations about parking.

Loading/Unloading Procedures

Please ensure you are parked in designated loading/unloading spaces with your four-way flashers (hazards) on and return to your vehicle within 15 minutes or have someone legally allowed to drive with the vehicle at all times. For more information, check the Rules and Regulations.

Event Parking

Where your event is being held will help determine which lot is closest. Click here to view a campus map.  

Then submit an Event Parking Request Form through our Special Events tab.

Service Vehicle Parking

When attending Brock to complete work it is your responsibility to ensure your licence plate has been provided to Parking Services. To do so: Contact Us or have your Project Manager reach out to us.   

  • Contractors can use the loading/unloading spaces, however those spaces have time limits of 15 minutes (unless otherwise posted) 
  • You must relocate your vehicle to one of the many Service Vehicle spaces located around campus.

EV Charging

Yes. If you have a valid permit, you may charge your vehicle at any Chargepoint station on campus.  Follow the prompts to purchase a charging session. 

If you do not have a permit, you may pay for parking via HONK in addition to the charging session payment. 

It is your responsibility to relocate your vehicle once your parking permission expires just like in any other space. Leaving your vehicle in a charging space without its parking validated will result in a ticket being issued.

It is your responsibility to relocate your vehicle once charging is complete. ChargePoint charges per hour the vehicle is plugged in, so if the vehicle remains parked and plugged in, it will continue to charge your account.

If you unplug your vehicle after your charging is complete to stop charging your account, your vehicle will be subject to a ticket for obstructing a charging space.

General FAQ's

Our office hours and locations can be found online Contact Us

Free parking options are listed in the parking rules and regulations, and when available, will be listed where you would otherwise pay for parking.

Everyone attending the campus is provided with fair and equitable service. To learn more about Policies and reports – Human Rights and Equity (brocku.ca) 

There are a number of safety features in place around the University, including emergency phones and foot patrol. If you need assistance to get to your vehicle, please Contact Campus Safety

When you add a licence plate to your account or pay for parking for a vehicle you assume responsibility of that vehicle and all future infractions incurred.   

Anything obstructing a licence plate, including plate covers, are illegal in Ontario.

Obstructed plates are subject to ticketing at Brock University.

Pay machines were removed from the campus to allow for a virtual validation system.

To learn about payment options click here.

Parking Services is a self-supporting Ancillary department.

The department receives no funding for its operations. Revenue derived from parking fees offset costs associated with the construction, maintenance, and administration of campus parking facilities and operations AND any and all surplus is invested back into Brock University for other, non-revenue generating services.

No. All Parking staff who bring a vehicle to campus are expected to pay for parking or purchase a permit. Parking Staff are required to comply with the parking rules and regulations.

No. There is no quota for enforcementParking staff patrol the lots to monitor compliance and issue tickets when there is a violation of the parking rules and regulations.

Any vehicle you drive to campus, whether it is your vehicle, one you borrow/share, one you rent or have as a loaner must be registered to the parking account that purchased the permit.  Please contact Parking Services at parking@brocku.ca to add your rental vehicle.

Loading zones are used to load/unload materials from your vehicle. They are not to be used as parking spaces. Follow these simple procedures to ensure you do not receive a ticket:

  • Never leave your vehicle unattended.
  • If you must leave your vehicle unattended, leave your four-way flashers on. This will inform our Enforcement Ambassadors you are loading/unloading.
  • Vehicles will be ticketed if there is no loading/unloading activity at the vehicle within five minutes of the arrival of Enforcement Ambassador.

Parking Services is a self-supporting Ancillary department.

The department receives no funding for its operations. Revenue derived from parking fees offset costs associated with the construction, maintenance, and administration of campus parking facilities and operations AND any and all surplus is invested back into Brock University for other, non-revenue generating services.

If you have a question that isn’t listed above, please Contact Us