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  • Brock announces flexible parking options for Fall Term

    With far fewer people needing to be on campus for the Fall Term due to Brock University’s COVID-19 measures, Parking Services is now offering a flexible suite of parking options.

    In addition to the traditional permit and daily parking options on campus, Parking Services is introducing new weekly, monthly and bulk buy options to meet the reduced parking demands on campus this fall.

    Parking remains free in Zone 1, Lot E and visitor parking Lot D this summer, with enforcement of permitted and paid parking lots resuming Tuesday, Sept. 1.

    Zone 2 will remain closed this fall due to the construction of Canada Games Park, but permit prices for Zone 1 have been reduced.

    Parking permits will be available online only starting Tuesday, July 28 through a self-service customer model on the Parking Services website. Upgrades to the online parking system AIMS have been implemented to improve the customer service experience.

    Zone 1 permits will initially be sold for the Fall Term only, with Winter Term permits going on sale in November once an announcement has been made regarding the academic plan for the Term.

    In addition to full-term permits, Parking Services is adding weekly and monthly options, as well as a multi-day bulk buy package where customers get five single-day passes to be used as they need them within 60 days of purchase. These new options will all be facilitated through the HONK mobile app for contactless, convenient customer service.

    Details of a mid-August distribution will be released in the coming weeks.

    For customers looking for daily paid parking options, paid parking on campus will be in Lot D and Zone 3 (formerly Lot S). All paid parking on campus will be cashless — either through the paid parking machines or the HONK parking app.

    For more information, including 2020-21 parking rates and FAQs, visit Parking Services website. Questions can be directed to

  • Parking permit holders to get pro-rated reimbursements for April

    Brock University faculty, staff and students who hold valid campus parking passes will receive pro-rated refunds or credits for the month of April, as campus operations remain suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    Parking Services has announced a list of measures that will be applied to permit holders, depending on the nature of their account or payment methods. In the coming days, permit holders will receive emails from Parking Services outlining the details for each account.

    • Brock University students will have a pro-rated credit made to their student account, minus of any outstanding tickets or fees, as per the Parking Services refund policy. The credit will be applied towards current and/or future tuition and fees. If you have parking credit on your student account and have applied to convocate you may request a refund at have the credit released to you. Students who do not return in September may request their parking credit after the registration close date in September 2020.
    • McMaster students will receive a refund, net of any outstanding tickets or fees, as per the Parking Services refund policy.
    • Faculty and staff are asked to check their Brock email or the email address on file with Parking Services for a message containing specific details related to their account.
  • Parking on campus continues to be monitored

    Throughout the month of January, parking on campus has been closely tracked.

    Data collected over the first three weeks of the Winter Term suggests peak times for vehicles on campus are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

    Zone 2 will continue to be monitored by parking attendants throughout the semester to assist customers parking on the gravel portion of the lot.

    “Thank you to the Brock community for their response to what is a challenging situation on campus,” said Ed Wall, Acting Associate Vice-President, Ancillary Services. “We will continue to keep a close eye on parking capacity in the lots and adjust as needed.”

    Customers travelling to campus during peak hours are reminded to leave extra time to park.

    Notifications of Zone 2 reaching capacity will be posted on the Brock University Twitter account as well as on the digital sign at Gateway Suites along Sir Isaac Brock Way.

    For more information about parking at Brock University, visit the Parking Services website

  • Starting Monday, overflow parking moving closer to Brock

    After carefully monitoring the parking lots and traffic flows on the main campus over the first two weeks of Winter Term, Brock University will open a new temporary overflow lot starting Monday, Jan. 20.

    Brock’s on-campus Zone 2 parking lot now includes 700 spaces in Lot 2 and the well-lit expanded section to the south.

    Should that lot fill up, the University has also secured the parking lot of the Catholic Diocese of St. Catharines at 3400 Merrittville Highway. The entrance to that lot is across the street from the former Lot V in Zone 2 and is just a 600-metre walk from the main entrance to the Roy and Lois Cairns Health and Bioscience Research Complex.

    With the paved Diocese lot offering 120 spaces, the University will close the gravel overflow lot at Merrittville Speedway and shuttle service will no longer be offered.

    The Diocese lot will be available to Zone 2 permit holders from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. Monday to Friday. It will be monitored by parking attendants and security. The recommended walking route for anyone parking in the temporary overflow lot is to follow the paved sidewalk path to the main pedestrian crossing on Glenridge Ave.

    Updates on how many spaces are available in Zone 2 will continue to be provided on Brock’s Twitter account as well as on the University homepage at

    The University is also closely monitoring the daily paid lots, which have seen an increase in usage. If paid overflow spaces are required, customers may be directed to other lots on campus. Customers are asked to speak with attendants at the Lot D Visitor Parking kiosk for availability of paid parking overflow lots and are reminded they must still have a receipt displayed to show they’ve paid for parking on campus.

    For more information about parking at Brock and a list of frequently asked questions, visit the Parking Services website.

  • Merrittville shuttle to resume Monday

    With the first week of Winter Term classes nearly complete, Brock University has been carefully monitoring the Zone 2 parking situation.

    Zone 2 is in transition, with new capacity being built to replace spaces that were lost to the construction of Canada Games Park in the southeast corner of campus.

    While there has been parking space available in Zone 2 lot every day this week, traffic volumes are expected to rise starting Monday, Jan. 13, as a full schedule of lectures, labs and seminars gets underway.

    With free parking available in Zone 1 on weekends, and far fewer guests on campus, the overflow parking lot at Merrittville Speedway will be closed this Saturday and Sunday Jan. 11 and 12, but will re-open Monday with free shuttle service starting at 7:15 a.m.

    Thanks to the continued construction of the Zone 2 expansion, there are now nearly 700 spaces available in Zone 2.

    The University would like to thank students for supporting the parking permit buyback program, which has now seen more than 350 people trade in their passes for refunds, and use alternate means of getting to Brock.

    Through increased carpooling, public transit and other sustainable commuting measures, demand for Zone 2 parking has measurably decreased over the past few weeks.

    However, the University is monitoring the capacity of its parking lots and is continuing to work toward securing off-site parking closer to campus.

    Students are reminded to follow the Brock University Twitter account and visit for daily parking availability updates during this time of transition as all parking spots impacted by the construction of Canada Games Park are replaced.

    For more information about the program and parking changes at Brock University, visit the Zone 2 parking information page. 

  • Zone 2 parking alert: Allow extra time for your Monday commute

    Brock students and staff who use a Zone 2 parking pass are reminded that, starting Monday Jan. 6, the parking capacity of Zone 2 will be significantly reduced due to construction of Canada Games Park.

    It is important that Zone 2 permit holders allow an extra 30 to 45 minutes for their commute.

    Many Zone 2 permit holders will need to park at Merrittville Speedway — located at 2371 Merrittville Highway, about 5 kilometres south of campus — which can accommodate Brock’s Zone 2 overflow.

    They will then be driven to campus on free shuttle buses.

    Canada Games officials are having replacement parking built on campus, to offset spaces lost to construction, however that project remains in progress, and currently Zone 2 is 600 spaces below its normal capacity.

    Need to know:

    • A fleet of six shuttle buses will run continuously between the Speedway overflow lot and the main campus.
    • Shuttles start at 7:15 a.m. and run until 10:30 p.m.
    • For security purposes, the Speedway overflow lot will be closed overnight between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., and vehicles cannot be accessed.
    • Overflow parking is free for Zone 2 permit holders. Those without a permit can buy a daily $6 pass through the HONK mobile app using Zone ID 2458. Parking attendants will monitor the overflow lot.
    • On-campus pickup and dropoff will be in front of the atrium entrance of the Roy and Lois Cairns Health and Bioscience Research Complex.
    • The Zone 2 permit buyback program is also still ongoing for students, faculty and staff. For more information about the program and parking changes at Brock University, visit the Parking Services website.
  • Construction will divert Zone 2 parking to Merrittville Speedway starting Monday, Jan. 6

    Many Brock University students and staff using a Zone 2 parking pass will need to allow an extra 30 to 45 minutes starting Monday, Jan. 6 in order to park their vehicles at an offsite lot and take a free shuttle bus to campus.

    Ongoing construction of the Zone 2 parking lot extension has significantly reduced the number of spaces available on campus. University officials have arranged for a temporary overflow lot to be open starting Monday at Merrittville Speedway, located five kilometres south of campus. 

     Commuters who normally park in Zone 2 should plan to use the overflow lot at 2371 Merrittville Highway in Thorold. (See map)

     The changes are the result of construction on Canada Games Park, which is being built on the former U and V sections of Zone 2. Parking spots being lost to make room for the new facility are being replaced by the Canada Games Host Society through the construction of new Zone 2 parking, which is not yet complete, but will hopefully be available soon.

     Faculty, staff and students are asked to extend their understanding as we work to address these considerations.

     The overflow lot at Merrittville Speedway will be available to Zone 2 permit holders at no charge, or for $6 per day for those without a permit. Paid parking will be available through the HONK mobile app using Zone ID 2458. Parking attendants will monitor the overflow lot at all times.

     Because of the distance to the temporary lot, free shuttle buses will run loops to and from Brock starting at 7:15 a.m., with the final bus leaving main campus at 10:30 p.m. Regular pickup and dropoff at Brock will be in front of the atrium entrance of the Roy and Lois Cairns Health and Bioscience Research Complex.

     In addition to the overflow lot, anyone parking on the Brock campus starting Monday will notice parking attendants checking for permits. Anyone without a valid parking permit can park in one of the daily paid lots, the hourly paid spots or the paid overflow lot at Merrittville Speedway.

     The Zone 2 permit buyback program is also still ongoing for students, faculty and staff. 

  • Zone 2 parking update: Permit checks to begin in January

    Parking Services continues to work with the Canada Games Host Society to address parking pressures due to construction of Canada Games Park in Zone 2.

    The exact number of spaces lost to the construction project will be unknown until the beginning of January. However, Parking Services has been in ongoing conversations with key stakeholders including the Brock University Students’ Union and the Graduate Students’ Association to plan for January.

    Zone 2 permit buy-back began Monday, Dec. 16 and nearly 80 customers have opted to take a refund and find alternative transportation to campus.

    “We really appreciate the support and understanding of those who have taken the refund and encourage others to as well,” said Ed Wall, Acting Associate Vice-President, Ancillary Services. “We know this is not an option for all of our customers, including those who commute. We hear you and we are working to find solutions.”

    Beginning on Monday, Jan. 6, there will be parking attendants directing cars in the new portions of Zone 2. Also new in January, all permitted lots across campus will have a permit checkpoint prior to entering the lot. Customers of Parking Services are reminded to ensure they have their permit clearly on display as they come onto campus.

    Customers who do not have a parking permit and are looking to park will be directed to the paid parking lots across campus. Daily paid parking is available at Lots D and E with hourly parking available on Flora Egerter Way, at Welch Hall (Lot C), Lot P, spaces in front of the Walker Sports Complex, Lot Q, Lot E and Lot EA.

    Construction on campus coupled with the beginning of a new term likely means an increase in the volume of cars on campus for the first few weeks of the new year. The Brock Community is reminded to allow extra time getting to and from campus — particularly during peak times of the day.

    Conversations continue with the Canada Games Host Society to identify lots adjacent to campus along with lots around the city that are on transit routes. Information will be shared as it becomes available.

    For more information and Frequently Asked Questions visit the Brock Parking Services website.

  • Parking plan: Brock looks to refund Zone 2 passes and promote public transit

    The decision to locate Canada Games Park on Brock’s campus will give students, staff and the entire Niagara community an invaluable athletic and research asset that will benefit thousands of lives for generations to come.

    As construction of the complex starts this week, however, it will significantly impact parking capacity in Zone 2 during the 2020 Winter Term.

    To manage the situation over the next few months, the Office of Parking Services is making an innovative offer to buy back Zone 2 passes from current permit holders, and is also urging people to make the switch to sustainable transportation alternatives like carpooling and public transit.

    Under the buy-back program, which will be available from Monday Dec. 16 through Jan. 31, 2020, anyone who hands in their Zone 2 permit will get a $320 refund, plus a $100 Campus Store gift card as an incentive.

    “We recognize this is an inconvenience to our Zone 2 customers,” said Ed Wall, Acting Associate Vice-President, Ancillary Services. “To mitigate those issues, we are offering refunds and permit buy-back incentives that we highly encourage customers to consider.

    “Construction on campus, including the large Canada Games project, has made parking an issue that we all need to work in partnership on. We sincerely ask the Brock community, especially those who live in Niagara and have access to public transit, to take advantage of this buy-back.”

    “The U-Pass fee is included in student ancillary fees, so students will not have to incur additional costs to access the bus,” said Khan. “The option will also save students time and make their commute more stress-free.Brock University Students’ Union President Bilal Khan said most students recognize that public transit is one of the best options for getting to and from campus. He said every Brock student pays for a bus pass, which gives them access to all transit options available in the Niagara Region, with most buses running from as early as 7 a.m. to as late as 11 p.m.

    “I encourage all students to consider taking the bus during this period of high construction activity on our campus.”

    The University also encourages commuters to consider other sustainable alternatives such as carpooling with colleagues and neighbours, or cycling when weather permits. A just-completed reconstruction of the St David’s Road/Highway 406 interchange now provides safe pathways for cyclists and pedestrians between Brock and Thorold.

    Parking Services will continue to work with the Canada Games Host Society to pursue conversations with businesses who have lots adjacent to the University. More information will be shared as it becomes available.

    Parking permits have been sold out since mid-fall and those students who are entering the Winter term have paid lot options in Visitor D, Lot P, and Lot E.

    For more information and Frequently Asked Questions visit the Brock Parking Services website.

  • Zone 2 parking changes coming as 2021 Canada Games construction set to begin

    Some sections of Brock’s Zone 2 parking lot will be closed starting Friday, Dec. 6 to clear the way for work to begin on the new Canada Games Park. The new athletic facility, which will become a legacy of the 2021 Canada Games, is being constructed in what is currently the east portion of Zone 2.

    The timing of the closures coincides with the decline in daily traffic on campus that comes with the start of exams. Drivers are asked to co-operate with parking and traffic attendants who will be on site to monitor and assist them.

    Parking updates and additional information will be provided in the coming days.