Canada Games Parking Impacts Aug 5 to Aug 22

Zone 1 will remain free parking for Brock Faculty, Staff, and Students during the Games. The lot will be shared with Canada Games, and we ask that the Brock community park their vehicles on the northeast side of the lot.

Once Zone 1 is full, overflow parking for the Brock Community is available in one-half of Zone 3 (closest to Village Residence) and Lot QV (around Quarry View Residence). Lots will be signed appropriately.

Permitted lots will remain permit-only parking and will continue to be monitored and enforced. Visitor parking lots and spaces will remain paid and will continue to be monitored and enforced.

Lot P is completely designated for Canada Games and will not be available for paid visitor parking. This lot will be closed from Friday, Aug. 5 through to Monday, Aug. 22.

Zone 2 will be utilized for spectators to Canada Games Park and we ask that you please avoid using this lot.

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