Zone 2 parking update: Permit checks to begin in January

Parking Services continues to work with the Canada Games Host Society to address parking pressures due to construction of Canada Games Park in Zone 2.

The exact number of spaces lost to the construction project will be unknown until the beginning of January. However, Parking Services has been in ongoing conversations with key stakeholders including the Brock University Students’ Union and the Graduate Students’ Association to plan for January.

Zone 2 permit buy-back began Monday, Dec. 16 and nearly 80 customers have opted to take a refund and find alternative transportation to campus.

“We really appreciate the support and understanding of those who have taken the refund and encourage others to as well,” said Ed Wall, Acting Associate Vice-President, Ancillary Services. “We know this is not an option for all of our customers, including those who commute. We hear you and we are working to find solutions.”

Beginning on Monday, Jan. 6, there will be parking attendants directing cars in the new portions of Zone 2. Also new in January, all permitted lots across campus will have a permit checkpoint prior to entering the lot. Customers of Parking Services are reminded to ensure they have their permit clearly on display as they come onto campus.

Customers who do not have a parking permit and are looking to park will be directed to the paid parking lots across campus. Daily paid parking is available at Lots D and E with hourly parking available on Flora Egerter Way, at Welch Hall (Lot C), Lot P, spaces in front of the Walker Sports Complex, Lot Q, Lot E and Lot EA.

Construction on campus coupled with the beginning of a new term likely means an increase in the volume of cars on campus for the first few weeks of the new year. The Brock Community is reminded to allow extra time getting to and from campus — particularly during peak times of the day.

Conversations continue with the Canada Games Host Society to identify lots adjacent to campus along with lots around the city that are on transit routes. Information will be shared as it becomes available.

For more information and Frequently Asked Questions visit the Brock Parking Services website.