Parking plan: Brock looks to refund Zone 2 passes and promote public transit

The decision to locate Canada Games Park on Brock’s campus will give students, staff and the entire Niagara community an invaluable athletic and research asset that will benefit thousands of lives for generations to come.

As construction of the complex starts this week, however, it will significantly impact parking capacity in Zone 2 during the 2020 Winter Term.

To manage the situation over the next few months, the Office of Parking Services is making an innovative offer to buy back Zone 2 passes from current permit holders, and is also urging people to make the switch to sustainable transportation alternatives like carpooling and public transit.

Under the buy-back program, which will be available from Monday Dec. 16 through Jan. 31, 2020, anyone who hands in their Zone 2 permit will get a $320 refund, plus a $100 Campus Store gift card as an incentive.

“We recognize this is an inconvenience to our Zone 2 customers,” said Ed Wall, Acting Associate Vice-President, Ancillary Services. “To mitigate those issues, we are offering refunds and permit buy-back incentives that we highly encourage customers to consider.

“Construction on campus, including the large Canada Games project, has made parking an issue that we all need to work in partnership on. We sincerely ask the Brock community, especially those who live in Niagara and have access to public transit, to take advantage of this buy-back.”

“The U-Pass fee is included in student ancillary fees, so students will not have to incur additional costs to access the bus,” said Khan. “The option will also save students time and make their commute more stress-free.Brock University Students’ Union President Bilal Khan said most students recognize that public transit is one of the best options for getting to and from campus. He said every Brock student pays for a bus pass, which gives them access to all transit options available in the Niagara Region, with most buses running from as early as 7 a.m. to as late as 11 p.m.

“I encourage all students to consider taking the bus during this period of high construction activity on our campus.”

The University also encourages commuters to consider other sustainable alternatives such as carpooling with colleagues and neighbours, or cycling when weather permits. A just-completed reconstruction of the St David’s Road/Highway 406 interchange now provides safe pathways for cyclists and pedestrians between Brock and Thorold.

Parking Services will continue to work with the Canada Games Host Society to pursue conversations with businesses who have lots adjacent to the University. More information will be shared as it becomes available.

Parking permits have been sold out since mid-fall and those students who are entering the Winter term have paid lot options in Visitor D, Lot P, and Lot E.

For more information and Frequently Asked Questions visit the Brock Parking Services website.