Welcome Week

Join the incoming class of 2023-2024 and celebrate the new year and your journey at Brock by participating in Welcome Week!

Welcome Week takes place during the first week of classes in September and includes a full schedule of exciting events and programming. Welcome Week will provide you with opportunities to meet classmates, develop friendships, and learn everything about what Brock University offers!

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Welcome Week events

There are no events scheduled at this time.


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Check-in to a variety of in-person events happening during Welcome Week and throughout the year.



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Welcome Week is a series of activities, events, and programs designed to orient you to Brock and university life as well as make you feel welcome and excited to begin your Brock experience.

Yes. Most classes start on Wednesday September 6

Yes! All events are posted on ExperienceBU. You will need to log in to ExperienceBU to register/RSVP for any events taking place. Where applicable, additional details will be provided in the event description. Please note that event organizers will connect with you through your student email with additional event details.

Don’t forget to download your event pass from ExperienceBU to check in to applicable events during Welcome Week.

Every Brock Badger is assigned an event pass through ExperienceBU. Download your Brock event pass once and use it to check-in to participating events during your entire time at Brock!

Watch the below tutorial video and download your event pass today:

Welcome Week and other orientation programming is open to ALL Brock students – whether you are part-time or full-time, graduate or undergraduate, new or a returning student, or you are a transfer student, exchange student, a mature student, or an international student!

Some faculties and departments might host events or programs specific to some students – details about specific events and programs will be listed soon!

Most events are free! There may be a few events with a cost associated, which will be stated in the event list.

Events can be found on ExperienceBU and on this website. Stay tuned over the summer for a full schedule of events for Welcome Week.

We are aiming to make this one of the best times of your Brock experience and so we want to ensure everyone is treated with respect, dignity, and is safe at all times. We ask that throughout all orientation programming and beyond you adhere to the rights and responsibilities afforded under the Student Code of Conduct. For virtual experiences, please remember that conduct online during Brock events can lead to issues that will be addressed should they cause harm to others, the University, or the community at large.

Beyond the basic principles within the Code, Welcome Week provide fun events where people of different races, religions, cultures, belief systems, sexual orientations and walks of life come together as the Brock Community. With this said, we ask that you be mindful of certain sensitivities and appropriateness of what you wear and how you address others at all times.


At all times, we are here to help!