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Welcome Week FAQs:

Welcome Week is the first week of the academic school year and consists of events, activities, and programs to orient new students to Brock and university life as well as make them feel welcome and excited to begin their Brock experience.

Welcome Week also provides opportunities to become familiarized with Brock, on-campus services, your department/faculty, your residence and the wider community as well as make new friends!

This year, Welcome Week takes place from Sunday, September 1st to Sunday, September 8th, 2019, with events and orientation programming taking place everyday.

Yes, classes start on September 4th.

Of course! Welcome Week is open to all Brock students.

For every Welcome Week event, there will be off campus pre-event meet-ups, so you can go to Welcome Week events with your off-campus friends.

There will also be dedicated off-campus Welcome Week programming such as a welcome BBQ for off-campus students on Sunday, September 1st, an off-campus team at Summer Games, and an off-campus group for Brock Cares Day of Service.

Definitely! Welcome Week is open to all Brock students.

For sure! Welcome week is open to all Brock students.

Of course! Welcome Week is open to all Brock students.

Yes! Brock students of any year are welcome to attend Welcome Week.

There are some Welcome Week events that are more geared towards first year students, such as New Student Welcome and Academic Orientation, however, you are more than welcome to attend any orientation week events.

For sure! Brock International Services has an international orientation on Monday, September 2nd from 11am to 2pm. Brock International Services also puts on a lot of events during Welcome Week.

No. Welcome Week is exclusively for Brock University students. This includes having guests if you are a student living in residence. No guests are allowed in residence during Welcome Week.

BadgerFest is BUSU’s collection of events during Welcome Week, and it has become a tradition as one of the best ways to kick off your time here at Brock! From Sunday, September 1st until Saturday, September 8th, BUSU has a week’s worth of on-campus events to welcome you to Brock and start your university experience off right! From Movie Nights and Magic Shows to an On-Campus Carnival, a Big Ticket Concert and much more, BUSU fills the week with exciting events that will help you make new friends and enjoy your first week as a Badger!

For all other questions, please check the FAQs at

It is strongly recommended that you attend your academic orientation to get to know your faculty, the people in your program, your professors and academic advisors, as well as to make friends and get any questions you may have answered.

Academic orientations will take place in the afternoon on Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019 after the New Student Welcome ceremony. You will be guided to your academic orientation with other students in your faculty by senior student volunteers, immediately following the ceremony.

Welcome Week is going to be one of the best times of your Brock experience and to ensure this, we really want to make sure that everyone is treated with respect, dignity and is safe at all times. We ask that throughout the week you show the same respect to staff, volunteers, security and your fellow Badgers that they will show you.

Over and above these basic principles, Welcome Week is a fun event where people of different races, religions, cultures, belief systems, sexual orientations and walks of life come together as the Brock Community.  With this said, we ask that you be mindful of certain sensitivities and appropriateness of what you wear to events.

We ask that you do not appropriate other cultures as fashion statements.  For those who aren’t aware, cultural appropriation occurs when individuals borrow certain cultural symbols – including bhindis, headdresses, etc. – for reasons outside of the signified culture. It is disrespectful to wear cultural items as a fashion statement, and many music festivals around the world have prohibited all kinds of appropriation.

Badgerfest and Welcome Week will be doing the same and the event should be a positive space for every student attending, so please think twice before wearing an item that could offend someone.

All Welcome Week events and programming is alcohol free unless specifically stated. Consumption of alcohol at dry events is strictly prohibited.

If you are a student living in residence and are of legal drinking age, you may drink within the parameters outlined in the Residence Community Standards document.

No! The week takes a lot of planning, and only confirmed events are added to the schedule. There is still a lot to be added between now and Move-In Day!

Be sure to check back to see all the new events that are getting added.

Yes – please see our official statement below:

  • Photographs, videos and other personal information may be collected at BUSU events under the authority of the Brock University Act, 1964 S.O. c. 127 and in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. F.31.
  • All photographs and videos collected at BUSU events may be used for promotional purposes, including, but not limited to, posting on the BUSU website, BUSU affiliated websites, and various social media outlets. If you do not wish to be in photographs or videos, please speak to a member the BadgerFest Media Team (easily identifiable by their BadgerFest Media Team lanyards), and be aware of where the cameras are, so you can avoid being included accidentally.
  • Any questions about the collection and use of your personal information, including photographs and videos, by BUSU can be directed to BUSU’s Marketing Manager via email at

Start of School FAQs: – BU4U is your one-stop shop for any questions you may have about any aspect of your Brock experience.

It is a compilation of resources, information and support to make sure you have a comfortable transition to university life and make the most of your time at Brock!

In addition to the website, there will also be BU4U “Ask Me” booths scattered around campus during the start of the semester to answer any questions you may have, give you directions, etc.

Sakai is the online hub for everything class-related. Professors post announcements, syllabi, readings, and lecture notes (sometimes) on Sakai. Students can also submit assignments on the online drop box.

  • To log into Sakai, go to
  • Click on “Brock Login” on the top right corner
  • Enter your Brock email and password
  • Once you are logged in, go to “Sites” and see all your courses’ pages

To get your Brock card, go to the Brock Card Office/Welcome Desk located at TH221A right beside the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre

To get your Brock card, you need government issued photo ID and proof of your Brock student number (i.e. registration documents). You also get your photo taken for your card.

Your first Brock card is free. If you lose your Brock card, there is a $35.00 replacement fee. To fix your Brock card if it gets broken, there is a $10.00 fee.

Aside from being your main identification, your Brock card also gives you access to campus services such as the library and student health services.

Your Brock card is also used for your meal plan if you live in residence as well as flex dollars, which can be used like a debit card for on-campus purchases and purchases at select community locations.

Since the cost for the bus pass is included when you pay for your tuition, all you have to do is pick up the sticker for your Brock card. There are two places to get that done:

  • At Vendor Fair, BUSU has a booth where you can get your bus pass.
  • If it’s after September 5th, you can go to the BUSU office on the third floor of the Plaza building to get the sticker there too. No matter where you go, bring your student card.

You can purchase parking permits online and at the Parking Services office in the Brock Campus store. Student parking permits go on sale Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019 at 10:00am. When you go to get your parking permit, have your student card/Brock card, your license place number and a method of payment.

There is free parking in zone 1 and zone 2 weekdays after 6:00pm and on weekends throughout this academic year, but permits are required weekdays from 5:00am to 6:00pm.

Brock has many different dining options for meals including residence cafeterias, Guernsey Market, Union Station, Isaac’s Bar & Grill, Hungry Badger (which includes a Pita Pit and Pizza Pizza) and Alphies’ Trough. For beverages and/or snacks, Brock has Tim Hortons, the Daily Grind Café, Common Grounds café, and General Brock Convenience store.

Guernsey Market, Hungry Badger, and the residence cafeterias are the three locations where you can use meal plan dollars. Flex dollars can be used at all the above, plus Issacs Bar and Grill, Union Station, the Common Grounds Café in the library, General Brock Convenience Store, and Alphie’s Trough. All the on-campus dining locations also accept cash or debit and you can use them if you live off-campus.

You can use Brock’s interactive campus map to find your way around. Click on “Directions” in the top right corner to get directions to your destination around campus or to Brock from anywhere. Brock’s online building code directory is also helpful with finding your classes.

Ask any Brock staff or student for directions. There will also be BU4U Ask Me booths scattered around campus during orientation week.

The Campus Store releases a list of books and their corresponding course codes and prices before class starts.

You can even order your books online before the semester even starts. You pay online, and then once classes start you pick up your books at a designated spot in the bookstore.

You can always get your books at the Brock Campus Store. Make sure when you come to buy your books you bring a list of your course codes and find the corresponding textbooks in the store.

Tuition for the first semester, fees and the final instalment of residence fees is due on September 4th, 2019. To find out how much your tuition is, log into and click on “Student Financial History” on the Applicant and Student Self-Serve Page

If you are a domestic student, you can pay your tuition and fees:

  • On online banking
  • Over the phone
  • At an ATM
  • In person at any Canadian bank or credit union
  • By cashing in Aeroplan HigherEd points
  • By cheque
  • In person on debit at Brock Central

If you are an international student, you can pay your tuition and fees through Western Union Global Pay bank to bank wire transfer.

Be aware of how many days it takes to process different types of payments. Student Awards and Financial Aid does not accept cash or credit card.

To buy and/or download programs, set up your technology, fix any technology problems or answer any technology-related questions you may have, go to Information Technology Services (ITS) in the Campus Store (first floor of Plaza building)

To pay for printing, you can deposit cash into the stations in the Library and Computer Commons. Simply log in with your Brock ID and password and enter cash into the station. You can also buy print vouchers at the Ask Us desk in the library for $1, $5, or $10 with debit, credit or cash.

If you’re printing from a Brock computer in the library or computer commons, simply send the document to print.

If you’re in the library, when you get to the printer, either swipe your student card or log in using the keypad on the print. Select “print release” and your job will print.

If you’re in the computer commons, go to the computer on the upper or lower level by the printers, log into your student account with your id and password and release your print job from there.

You can also send your documents to print remotely from your laptop or phone from literally anywhere (if you have internet connection) by logging in to, uploading your document(s) and sending them to print.

Brock SOCS (Society of Off-Campus Students) is a community of Brock students living off-campus. Brock SOCS provides off-campus students opportunities to bridge the gap between school and home by offering monthly events and programming, group mentorship, Niagara community engagement, friendship-building, on-campus involvement, leadership skills development.

Brock SOCS gives students access to tons of awesome events, a group mentor, opportunities to make other off campus friends, makes the first-year transition easier, and increases your involvement in the Brock and Niagara communities.

Registration is now open! Complete the Brock SOCS membership form to join now. SOCS registration is currently available to students entering their first-year of undergraduate studies at Brock University.

Other FAQs: