Your life at Brock begins here.

We want you to know that we are ready to support your Brock experience and success. As a new or returning student at Brock, your orientation experience will begin this summer and continue throughout the year

Through a series of programs, your orientation experience will provide you with opportunities to meet your classmates, develop friendships, and learn about the academic and student support services Brock University offers, and ways to get involved.

Be ready to experience...



Prepare for the year ahead by learning from current students and campus partners about course registration, finances, campus life, and much more!



Meet other incoming students and receive guidance to help you feel connected to one another, your academics, and your community.


Personalized support

Receive support through an individualized approach as you begin to navigate life at Brock.


Academic Readiness

Strengthen your academic skills and explore tips and strategies to succeed in your courses.


an Exceptional year!

Be connected to resources, staff/faculty, and co-curricular opportunities that will support your success.

Welcome back Badgers!


Smart Start

Prepare for the year ahead and learn from current students and campus partners during Smart Start. The online program will connect you to student supports and services, ways to be successful, campus life and the community, course registration support and our academic environment.



Get prepared for your academics and complete the BU101 course for free on Sakai, the home of your online academic courses. BU101 will help you explore university expectations and practice academic skills and is available beginning August 2021.


Engagement Communities

Connect, receive personalized support, and have an exceptional first year experience with Engagement Communities. As a student living off-campus in your first year or a student starting your second year, Engagement Communities will connect you to a small group of students and a Peer Mentor starting this September 2021.

Engagement Communities

Welcome Weeks

Join the incoming class of 2021-2022 and celebrate the new year and your journey at Brock by participating in Welcome Weeks! Welcome Weeks will take places during the first weeks of classes in September and includes a schedule of campus-wide events and activities to welcome you!

Welcome Weeks


Brock is here for you. You will receive support throughout the entire year. You will also continue to be connected to services, supports, and co-curricular opportunities that will help you succeed and call Brock home. We can’t wait to meet you!

Current Students


Enhance your summer orientation experience with LEAP – a virtual small group orientation program for both new and returning Brock students.


Year 2 Orientation: Back at Brock

We listened to your feedback, Badgers! If you are a returning student entering your second year or beyond, we have created a series of unique orientation experiences just for you.

Graduate Students Orientation

As an incoming graduate student, we are ready to support your Brock experience and success this summer and throughout your first year as a graduate student.

Frequently asked questions

If you are beginning your Brock experience this Fall 2021, your orientation starts this summer 2021!

Orientation at Brock includes a series of experiences designed to support you from the summer and throughout your first year. Check your Brock email account over the summer to learn more, including registration information, program launch dates, and next steps. For support accessing your Brock email, please review this information.

To get started now, you can register for Smart Start, a virtual orientation experience that will launch this July 2021. Please visit the Smart Start website to register today.

No. There will be no fee for students to participate in Orientation at Brock, unless otherwise stated.

As of May 2021, Brock is planning a return to on-campus experiences during the Fall term, while prioritizing public health guidelines. Guidelines for on-campus events have not been released. The University will continue to share additional information as it becomes available in the next months.

Use the top menu above to learn more about each orientation program and for information on program delivery (e.g., online, in-person, hybrid).

Smart Start is a free, online orientation experience for incoming students. Prepare for the year ahead and learn from current students and campus partners about student supports and services, ways to be successful, connecting to campus life and the community, course registration support and our academic environment.

Sign up for the exclusive Smart Start live launch event on Saturday, July 10th at 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. to make sure you don’t miss out on any content!

Register for Smart Start now!

BU101 is an 8-hr free, non-credit, asynchronous online academic skills program to build your technology, scheduling, notetaking, and studying skills. Additional lessons help you prepare for university science, math, statistics, and academic writing.

BU101 will be available August 1, 2021 for both undergraduate and graduate students! Check back soon to find the links to join.

LEAP is a small group orientation experience (limited to 20 students per date) for incoming Brock students. Led by upper year students, LEAP provides you with the opportunity to meet other students, gain valuable skills, get to know the Niagara community, and connect with on-campus services that will support your success at Brock.

And LEAP isn’t just for new students – LEAP UP provides upper year students a chance to connect too!

Learn more at

Engagement Communities bring together small groups of incoming students from similar academic programs and personal interests. They are a place where students living off-campus can connect with other first year students, make friends, attend events, ask questions, and learn about student services and resources, and be connected with a Peer Mentor.

Your Peer Mentor is dedicated to supporting your individual goals and needs and will connect you to services and resources for your success. In addition, your mentor will connect you to involvement opportunities and answer your questions related to life at Brock. You will be connected to your Peer Mentor via an Engagement Community and will receive support from them throughout the entire academic year.

Welcome Weeks takes place during the month of September and include a full schedule of events and programming to welcome students starting at Brock. Welcome Weeks will provide students with opportunities to meet classmates, develop friendships, and learn everything about what Brock University offers in terms of academic services, student support services, and ways to get involved.

Through Orientation at Brock, you will have opportunities to build connections and explore new ways of learning. By participating in programming, you’ll also get to connect with other incoming students, upper-year students, faculty and staff, and learn about the resources and supports available to support your success.

You will receive co-curricular credit as part of Brock’s Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum (CWC) which is housed on ExperienceBU, Brock’s involvement portal and events calendar.

You can get involved outside the classroom using ExperienceBU to find opportunities to stay connected and engaged. Throughout the Fall and Winter terms, you will also receive a bi-weekly Get Involved Newsletter from ExperienceBU to connect you to opportunities, events, and programs happening at Brock!

If you have any questions about Orientation at Brock, you can email

Brock has created a series of unique orientation experiences just for second year students that begin this summer and will support you throughout the year. If you are entering your second year or beyond, please consider joining us!