The Office of the Student Ombuds provides a safe, confidential, and impartial environment for Brock University students to discuss challenges related to the University. We support students by listening to their complaints and concerns, and providing them with resources, advice, and strategies to resolve their problems. When appropriate, we may also make recommendations on changes to University policies and procedures. 

As an Ombuds Office, our priority is ensuring fairness. We adhere to the IOA Code of Ethics, which means that we are independent, neutral, confidential, informal, and committed to fairness.


We are not an advocate for the University; the Ombudsperson is independent in structure, function, and appearance to the highest degree possible within the institution.


We do not share your personal information without your permission. All communications with those seeking assistance are held in strict confidence within the limits of the law or in accordance with University policy.


We are devoted to ensuring fair treatment and fair process for all students. This includes fairness in campus proceedings, policies, practices, and operations.

Neutrality & Impartiality

We are an independent service that remains neutral, unaligned, and impartial. We are not an advocacy office, but seek to ensure fairness and reasonable outcomes.


The Ombuds provides a safe space for students to fully explore all issues and strategies of resolution, as the Office does not participate in any formal adjudicative or administrative proceedings related to concerns brought to their attention.