Greg Gillespie

Greg Gillespie

Greg Gillespie

Office: SBH 308
Extension: 3160

PhD, University of Western Ontario
MEd, Brock University
BEd, Canisius College (USA)
BA, Wilfrid Laurier University

Research Interests:
Non Mass-Mediated Popular Culture
Scottishness in Popular Culture
Role-Playing Games (Dungeons & Dragons)
Sport Culture

Teaching Areas:
Introduction to Popular Culture
Popular Entertainment
Social and Cultural Aspects of Digital Games
Highlandism: Scottishness in Popular Culture

Selected Publications:
2013 Greg Gillespie, "Remember the Good Old Days?: Nostalgia, Retroscapes, and the Dungeon Crawl Classics," Loading: The Canadian Journal of Game Studies 6 (10), np. Available at

2013 Greg Gillespie and Darren Crouse, "There and Back Again: Nostalgia, Art, and Ideology in Old-School Dungeons and Dragons," Games and Culture 7 (6), 441-470.

2010 Greg Gillespie, “Weaving Local Identity: The Niagara Region Tartan and the Invention of Tradition,” in Joan Nicks and Barry Grant eds., Covering Niagara: Studies in Local Popular Culture (Waterloo: WLU Press, 2010).

2007 Greg Gillespie, Hunting for Empire: Narratives of Sport in Rupert’s Land, 1840-1870 (Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 2007). 172 pgs.

2005 Greg Gillespie and Kevin Wamsley, “Clandestine Means: The Aristocratic British Hunting Code and Early Game Legislation in Nineteenth-Century Canada,” Sporting Traditions: The Australian Journal of Sport History 22, 1 (2005): 99-120.

2002 Greg Gillespie, “I Was Well Pleased With Our Sport Among the Buffalo: Big Game Hunting, Travel Writing, and Cultural Imperialism in the British North American West, 1847-1873,” Canadian Historical Review 83, 4 (December 2002): 555-584.

Greg Gillespie