General Eligibility Criteria

The Penguins offer both Recreational and Competitive ParaSport Programs for Athletes with a Physical Disability.

  1. Recreational Programs: Tailored towards children, youth and adults who are seeking fun and inclusive play while developing the basic skills of community sport.
  2. Competitive Programs: Tailored towards youth and adult athletes who want to pursue higher levels of competitive play and skill development.

All programs are group based with a support ratio of 4:1 – meaning one volunteer / coach supporting 4 athletes, if an athlete requires greater supervision or medical care, a personal attendant must attend with the athlete, to ensure their care and safety.

Toileting, changing, medication, transportation and other related personal care items are the responsibility of the athlete and not the coach or volunteer.

All new athletes are required to arrange a free trial visit to ensure that the program is a proper fit for both the athlete and the needs of the program. This must be pre-arranged please call us at 905-359-6283.

Note: Able-bodied players interested in playing are welcome, please discuss available space with the head coach. Siblings of swimmers can swim in the Olympic Way Brock Niagara Aquatics program or do swimming lessons at the same time.


Our Programs are either run out of Brock University, the Canada Games Centre, the City of St. Catharines locations or the Niagara Children’s Centre.


To register all athletes will need to:

  1. To register for  HAND-CYCLING –go to Penguin Hand-Cycling Registration
  2. To register for Para Ice Hockey– go to Para Ice Hockey Registration