Opportunities to participate

Are you doing research on the Niagara area? Do you want to become involved with others who are doing research on the Niagara area? Do you want to be affiliated with the Niagara Community Observatory?

The Observatory would like to invite members of the Brock community to become affiliated with the Observatory as Research Associates. The Niagara Community Observatory is a unit of Brock University which works in partnership with the Niagara community to foster, produce, and disseminate evidence-based research on current and emerging issues.

Benefits of affiliation with the Niagara Community Observatory

  1. Involvement in research in the Niagara community.
  2. Ability to work with like-minded researchers.
  3. Development of a group of researchers capable of applying for grants such as SSHRC.

Graduate students will have an opportunity to affiliate with the NCO and participate in the institute’s activities. If interested, please contact NCO Director, Dr. Charles Conteh, at cconteh@brocku.ca

Here is a recent example of graduate work:

Land-Use Planning in Niagara: A Study in Multilevel Governance and Smart Growth, by Sean Giverin (Jan. 2021)

Roles and Responsibilities of Research Associates of the Observatory

The Observatory’s Research Associates will play a key role in the success of the Observatory. They will be very influential in shaping the research direction of the Observatory. They will be members of a dynamic group of researchers involved in research related to the Niagara area, and will be expected to be ambassadors for the Observatory.

Application process

Any employee of Brock University with an employment contract of one year or longer who is currently undertaking or is interested in pursuing research with regard to the Niagara community is invited to apply to become a Research Associate of the Niagara Community Observatory.

There is no formal application form. The applicant should write to the Director indicating why he or she would like to become a Research Associate and explaining what contribution he or she will make to the Observatory. The applicant should also include a CV.

For further information, contact:
Charles Conteh, Director
Niagara Community Observatory