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How do I apply to the Faculty of Graduate Studies?

You can apply online for most Master and PhD programs. Students interested in the International Master of Accountancy or Master of Business Administration (ISP) program should refer to the program website for the application. Students interested in applying for the Master of Education ISP program should refer to the program page for additional application instructions.

Can I still apply if I have missed the deadline?

Yes, we still accept applications after the deadline until the program is full. Please refer to the list of programs for this information as deadlines vary for each program.

How do I submit my documents for admission consideration?

All documents (excluding reference reports) that are indicated as “required for admission consideration” on your student portal must be uploaded. Please refer to the Document Upload Instructions and Document Types for a step-by-step guide.

Can I email, fax or mail my documents to the Faculty of Graduate Studies?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept mailed, emailed or faxed documents. Any hard copy documents received by the Faculty of Graduate Studies office for admission consideration will not be accepted.

When will I find out if I am admitted?

Decisions are typically made about six weeks after the deadline date. Applied Disability Studies programs may take up to eight weeks.

I haven’t received my offer package — when will it arrive?

Offers of admission are no longer mailed or emailed to admitted students (with the exception of IMACC and IMBA). You can view your offer of admission package by logging on to your student portal.

How do I change something on my application if I already submitted it?

Once payment has been submitted, you can email any changes to gradadmissions@brocku.ca. Prior to submitting your payment, you can go in and make the changes yourself. If you need to change/modify a referee, please refer to our references FAQ below.

How do I check the status of my application?

After you apply, you will receive an email that provides you with your Brock Campus ID. You can use your Brock Campus ID and birthdate to activate your student portal, where you can log in to check on the status of your application.

If you are a current Brock student, you can use your existing portal and login information.

I am a current or previous Brock student — do I need to request my Brock transcripts?

No, we will upload your transcript for you.


Can my referee fax, email or send hard copy (paper) reference forms?

No. We require that all reference forms be submitted electronically through the links that are provided to your referees in the email.

Can I submit a personal email account (Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.) for my referee?

No. A valid institutional/organizational email address is necessary in order for a referee to upload their report. An email address that is not linked to an institution/organization is not acceptable.

I am applying to more than one program. Do my references need to fill out more than one electronic reference report?

Yes. Your referees will be emailed individual reference reports that are specific to each of your program choices. Please inform your referees that these emails are not duplicates and that they will be required to complete multiple reference reports.

My referee did not receive the email with the reference form, when will you be sending it?

Emails containing a link to the electronic reference report are sent out automatically to each of your referees after Brock University has received your application (this is typically sent one to two days after your payment of the application fee is processed). A reminder email is also automatically sent to the referee 10 days after the initial email, if the form still has not been received.

Please verify that the referee email address you have provided on your application is the correct email address and is free of any spelling errors.

Please also have your referee check their junk email folder and email settings as the email may have been inadvertently blocked or redirected by their settings.

If you have confirmed the correct spelling of the email address and the referee still has not received the email after two days, please contact the referee to ask if an alternate email address may be provided. If you have to change a referee email address or replace a referee, please follow the instructions listed below to change referee information.

Is there a deadline for the referee to submit the report?

No. The referee may submit the report at any time. It is the student’s responsibility to inform the referees of their program deadlines and to monitor their document status on their student account to ensure that the forms have been submitted prior to the program deadline.

My referee has a problem completing the electronic reference report. What should I do?

Your referee may have pop-up blockers on preventing the reference report from opening.  This will need to be disabled. If your referee is still having problems, please email gradresp@brocku.ca with a detailed description of the issue.  Also be sure to provide your full name as used in your application and your campus ID (2letters2numbers2letters)

My referee has not submitted the electronic reference report yet, can you send them a reminder?

A reminder email is automatically sent to the referees 10 days after the initial email, if the forms still have not been received.

Reminder emails will not be sent prior to 10 days after the initial email.

After the secondary reminder email, additional reminder emails will not be sent by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. It is the student’s responsibility to monitor the submission of their reference reports on their student account and to contact the referees to remind them to complete the reference reports.

My referee tells me they submitted the form but my student account still says it is outstanding?

Your student account is updated automatically when a reference form is received, therefore, if your student account shows that it is outstanding then we have not received it.

In order for the form to be received successfully by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, the referee must submit the form and wait for the confirmation “Thank You” page to appear. This will confirm that the form has been sent successfully.

If the referee did not see the confirmation “Thank You” page then please request that they reopen the link where they completed the form and submit the form again.

How do I change referee information after my application has been submitted?

Prior to submitting your application you MUST confirm with your referee that they are willing and available to complete the form and that all referee information provided on the application is accurate.

If the situation arises where you need to change/modify referee information after submitting your application, please email gradresp@brocku.ca with the subject line: Change of Referee Information and include your Campus ID. Requests to change a referee must include the old and new referee’s names, position, department, institution/organization, institution/organization address, email address and phone number. Any requests that do not include this information cannot be processed.

Requests to modify or change your referee information will result in a delay in processing your application.

Due to the high volume of emails that we receive, please allow one week for your request to be processed. Please refrain from sending multiple emails to request these changes. You will receive email confirmation when the change has been made.