Faculty announces awards for Excellence in Teaching

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Faculty announces awards for Excellence in Teaching

Published on April 11 2014

The Faculty of Education is proud to announce Dr. Kari-Lynn Winters and Dr. Robert Mroz as this year’s winners of the Faculty of Education Award for Excellence in Teaching and Sessional Teaching respectively.

Selected by a committee, the candidates for the awards submitted dossiers, along with letters of nomination and support, that included items such as their teaching methodology, career highlights, teaching evaluations and other criteria that noted their achievements as an educator.

Dr. Kari-Lynn Winters
Creating a relevant, asthenic and meaningful learning experience for teacher candidates, Dr. Winters models effective strategies for integrating the arts across the curriculum and supports student to develop the requisite kills and attitudes necessary to teach the arts with confidence and passion.

Furthermore, Dr. Winters successfully cultivates stimulating, comfortable and inclusive learning environments, as evidenced by students’ comments that commend her positive and encouraging attitude. Remarkably, Dr. Winters is able to foster opportunities for all of her teacher candidates to grow and to gain increased comfort with Drama. Many individuals describe that within a short period of time, they have been able to transition from feeling apprehensive to feeling confident both with the subject matter, and with their teaching skills.

It is obvious that students have benefitted immensely from Dr. Winters’ expertise, enthusiasm, and care.

Dr. Robert Mroz
Nominators emphasized Dr. Mroz’s versatility, knowledge and passion as an educator and as a leader, acknowledging his continuous awareness towards students’ holistic well-being, both inside and outside the classroom.

Undoubtedly, Dr. Mroz has contributed to Brock University’s learning community over multiple decades and in countless ways, through his firm commitment to student learning, strong and “quiet” leadership style, extensive engagement in service, ability to foster meaningful partnerships, and consummate professionalism when interacting with students and liaising with others.

Without a doubt, Dr. Mroz is a generous and caring educator who gives his time and energy freely to others in order to support their ongoing personal and professional growth.

The Faculty of Education congratulates Drs. Winters and Mroz on their outstanding work and recent awards.