Dr. Linda Carreiro

Associate Dean, Fine and Performing Arts
Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts
Professor, Visual Art

Photo credit: Setareh Minoofar

Dr. Linda Carreiro
BFA (Honours), University of Manitoba
MFA, University of Alberta
PhD, Cardiff School of Art & Design
Massey Visiting Scholar, 2021

332 MWS, 15 Artists Common
Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts
Faculty of Humanities
905.688.5550, ext. 6780

I am a Professor at Brock University, Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts, and currently Associate Dean of Fine and Performing Arts, Faculty of Humanities. As a text-based visual artist, my recent work explores the physicalizations in making and reading words. Building from and working against assertions posed by a previous generation of word-based artists, I evidence physicalized gestures to enable an opening of meanings that include tactile, sensuous and kinesthetic responses. My most recent project examines the relationship between movement and reading, in what I term choreogrammatics. Readers of these artworks can only access the words through moving: side-to-side, up and down or across a space. The synergy of reading while moving reveals how the impact, affect and meaning of a text can be intensified through a bodily performance of words.

My work has been exhibited internationally in solo exhibitions, including Center for Books Arts (NYC, 2015), Harcourt House Gallery (Edmonton, 2015), Mallin Gallery (Kansas City, 2013), Truck Contemporary Art in Calgary (2013, 2001), Cuesta College Gallery (San Luis Obispo, 2009), Limerick Printmakers Gallery (Ireland, 2009), Nickle Arts Museum (Calgary, 2007) and Gallery 101 (Ottawa, 2005), as well as numerous group exhibitions across Canada, the United States, England, Scotland, Ireland, and Korea. Support for my work has generously been provided by Canada Council for the Arts, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Manitoba Arts Council, Brock University, University of Calgary, OCAD University and University of Alberta.

As an interdisciplinary visual artist using text on sculptural substrates, my work is informed by material studies, performance studies, literature, literary theory, language and movement studies.

Anatomical studies, both my own conducted within a dissection lab and historical representations of the anatomized body in early dissection culture, intersect with all of my research interests. Drawing, particularly anatomical drawing, experimental printmaking and text & image are areas of studio specialization.

Selected solo exhibitions:

2015 ‘Inside Out of Words’. Center for Book Arts, New York City.
2015 ‘The patina of consonants.’ Harcourt House Gallery, Edmonton.
2013 ‘Inside Out of Words’. TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary.
2010 ‘Words • Apart’. Mallin Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri.
2009 ‘Carried Across.’ Cuesta College Gallery, San Luis Obispo, California. Curator: Tim Anderson.
2009 ‘Postscript’. Limerick Printmakers’ Gallery, Limerick City, Ireland.
2007 ‘An appendix to the history of knowledge’. Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary. Curator: Christine Sowiak.

Selected group exhibitions:

2020 ‘Murmuration’. Open Studio, Toronto.
2016 ‘Generations: 50 Years of Art at the University and Beyond.’ Nickle Galleries, Calgary. Curator: Mary-Beth Laviolette.
2016 ‘Open Books/ Livres ouvertes’ (Canadian edition). National Library and Archives of Canada, Ottawa. Curators: Mary Husted and Richard Cox.
2016 ‘Impressions Biennale.’ Centre for Creative Arts & Media, Galway. Curator: David Ferry.
2015 ‘Context’. Foundry Arts Centre, St. Charles, Missouri. Juror: Buzz Spector.
2014 ‘Made in Calgary 2000’s’. Glenbow Museum, Calgary. Curator: Katherine Ylitalo.
2014 ‘What is Textiles?’ Kalopsia Gallery, Edinburgh, UK. Curated by Kalopsia Collective.
2013 ‘Library of Lost Books’. Birmingham Central Library, UK. Curator: Susan Kruse
2013 ‘Tangibles: Beauty and Purpose in the Art of the Book’. Northern Arizona University Art Museum, Flagstaff.
2013 ‘Beneath the Covers’. Foundry Art Centre. St. Charles, Missouri. Juror: Brian Dettmer.
2013 ‘In Other Words’. Fringe Arts Bath, UK. Curator: Rowan Lear.
2012 ‘Text & Context’. Cambridge, UK. Curator: Robert Good.
2012 ‘Textuality’. Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio.

2019 Carreiro, Linda. “Choreogrammatics: About the Cover of this Book.” The Body, the Dance and the Text: Essays on Performance and the Margins of History. North Carolina: McFarland. Brynn Wein Shiovitz, editor. pp. 253-262.
2013 Carreiro, Linda. “The Odyssey.” Bringing Back the Book: How the ‘Library of Lost Books’ explores the creative potential of discarded books. J. Glaser and S. Kruse, Editors. p. 17
2013 Carreiro, Linda & Richard Smolinski. “Kathy’s Communist Christmas: A Generous Performance.” Knock on Any Door: A Century of Art and Social Engagement. E. Moschopedis and M. Rushton, Editors.
2009 Carreiro, Linda. “What Lies Beneath: the female anatomy flap revealed”. Disguise, Deception, Trompe l’œil. New York: Peter Lang. pp. 251-269
2009 Carreiro, Linda. “Curious: an interview with Mireille Perron.” Resonant Dialogues, 25 Years of the Second Story Art Society in Calgary. Calgary: TRUCK.
2009 Carreiro, Linda. “An Opening Sentence.” Introduction to Resonant Dialogues, 25 Years of the Second Story Art Society in Calgary. Calgary: TRUCK.

2021 Massey College, University of Toronto, Massey Visiting Scholar
2016 Alberta Foundation for the Art, Curatorial Purchase Award
2015 Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Cultural Relations Grant
2013 Volunteer Award, Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists
2012 Federation of Calgary Communities and Encana, Spark Award
2010 Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Project Grant
2009 Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Project Grant
2009 LeFebvre Creativity Fund, University of Calgary
2009 Elsie Mary Bell Endowment for the Arts, University of Calgary,
2008 Canada Council for the Arts, Research/Creation Grant
2007 Calgary Institute for the Humanities, University of Calgary, Residency Fellowship
2007 Bradley International Print & Drawing Exhibition, Honourable Mention
2005 UPenn Humanities Forum and Mellon Scholars Seminar, Invited Speaker, Word &
Image Series.
2005 Innovations Grant, University of Calgary, (with Warren Fitch, Biological Science)