2020 Fall Semester Facilities/Operations: Q&A

Note from Visual Arts Chair Shawn Serfas:

During the fall semester in which all VISA courses are delivered on-line, operational aspects of course delivery will be quite different and, in some ways, challenging. Although the course delivery of our fall term is set, we are currently still determining the nature of facilities access as we await further directives from both the Province of Ontario and Brock Administration. I recognize that this represents a dramatic change for our students, and I want to assure you all that the VISA Team are working hard to confirm exactly how the fall semester will unfold in a timely manner.

The Q & A points listed below will clarify our current disposition from a facilities and operational point of view and hopefully answer most of your questions. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at sserfas@brocku.ca

Visa Chair Video Message

At the moment Visa students will not have any access to the MIWSFPA (this includes all studios, the Visa Art Stores and the Visa Equipment Kiosk). However, as provincial/ministry directives shift this may likely change. If/when they do change students will be notified immediately. Note, when access opens up strict access guidelines for distancing will be in place and these protocols will be mapped out clearly for you at that time.

Yes the department will be providing materials for your courses and the supplies will be provided in the form of an extensive kit of materials for the whole semester. We have assembled separate drawing and painting kits designed to meet the specific needs of students enrolled in these courses.

With the current facilities access protocols we are planning on shipping all course material kits directly to the residency addresses of our students. However, if facilities access protocols shift later in the summer there may also be the possibility for students to pick their kits up at the MIWSFPA. We are currently mapping out different options and will be confirming these details towards the end of July.

New students looking for information on Academic Advising during the Covid 19 period of operations should visit the following page:


Sakai & on-line/distance learning:
MIWSFPA IT & Media Technician: Sean Mercer
Visa Department Chair: Shawn Serfas

Equipment rental and Visa Equipment Kiosk:
Visa Media Resource Coordinator: Max Holten-Andersen

Studio access, art materials, studio fees and Art Stores:
Visa Facilities Technician: Arnold McBay

Academic advising:
Humanities Academic Advisor: Michael Gicante
Visa Department Chair: Shawn Serfas
Visa Administrative Assistant: Monika Lederich