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  • Visa Instructor exhibition: DEAD DAD Donna Akrey & Yvette Poorter.

    Donna Akrey and Yvette Poorter are a collaborative duo that have been making/continue to make work together when they can since the 1990s (or since they jumped off a cliff into Muskoka water at age 17). Their work is multi-media and often involves easily found and/or scavenged materials. They are interested in getting lost while realizing the rarity of such a thing. So they make work to get lost in. Poorter and Akrey have been collecting stories and images from people who have a dead dad. They use these snippets of other people’s memories, as fuel to create a morphing landscape installation. Yes, the exhibition is about dads—dead dads at that—but it is also a rumination on memory and the size and viscosity of memory. A vague longing.

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  • Honours Applications: VISA 4F06, 3F99 and 4F99 due May 1, 2017.

    VISA Students: Reminder that Honours Applications for VISA 4F06, 3F99 and 4F99 are due by May 1, 2017. There are hard copies available in the Visa office or if you email Monika Lederich at she can send you digital copies.

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