Voix plurielles: new issue published

We are very pleased to announce the new issue (14.2, 2017) of Voix plurielles (APFUCC), edited by Professor Catherine Parayre, also editor of ti< and faculty at the Centre for Studies in Arts and Culture of the MIWSFPA.

It includes contributions on different artistic expressions (literature, theatre, cinema, comics -bande dessinée-, visual arts, music) and addresses several interdisciplinary issues related to the hybridation of genres and techniques, as well as to epistemological crossovers and comparative work.

The authors and artists presented in this issue come from very different backgrounds: French actors, a Kurdish author, Canadian authors galore, authors of comic books from Japan, Peru, France, etc. and, of course, Belgium. Yes, we have Astérix and Omar Sy together in this issue!

see Voix Plurielles

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