Entrance Evaluations

Admission to Music at Brock is a two-stage process:

  1. Application to Brock through OUAC
  2. Music Entrance Evaluation

2023 Entrance Evaluation and Procedures

PLease use the link below to complete the music questionnaire.
This form will be available until Aug. 31, 2023.

Applying to the Music Program

Applicants must first apply to Brock University through the Office of the Registrar.

1. Learn about the application process at brocku.ca/admissions/apply.

  • Apply for the following programs:
    • Bachelor of Music (BMus) if you love performing and/or teaching and are looking for an intensive study of music in preparation for a professional career in music (note: private lesson fees are included in the BMus program)
    • Bachelor of Arts, Music (B.A. Music) if you want to study music with more flexibility in your studies and career pathways (note: private lesson fees are not included in the BA program)
  • The Admissions Office will assess your application for academic eligibility

2. Once you have a conditional offer of acceptance from Brock, you will receive an email explaining the next step.

  1. Have you received a conditional offer of acceptance from Brock? If not, please review the “How to Apply” section above.
  2. If yes, complete the Department of Music Entrance Evaluation Form.
    • Tip: check the section below on the Theory Placement Evaluation before starting the form

The Entrance Evaluation Day consists of the following:

  • General Information Session (10:00-10:30am)
    • Information on the Music programs, the Marilyn I. Walker School, Brock University and the surrounding community
    • Family and friends are welcome
  • Building Tour
    • In-person entrance evaluations will include a building tour
    • For online entrance evaluations, we suggest arranging a tour of the arts campus.
  • Individual Appointments
    • 10-minute interview – all applicants
    • 10-minute playing audition – for BMus, or anyone wishing to take private lessons in the BA
  • Theory Placement Evaluation
    • In-person and online options are available


This is your chance to ask us questions, and our chance to get to you know you. Our conversation will help us to determine the best path for you through our degree options. This interview is for the applicant and the selection committee only.

Audition – not mandatory!

An audition is only required for BMus applicants, or for those wishing to take private lessons as an elective in the BA program.

If you do plan to do a playing audition please see the Audition Information section below.

A Theory Placement evaluation is a required part of the application process.

Have you taken any theory exams in the past 12 months?

The following completed theory examinations or higher level will be accepted in place of the Theory Placement test:

  • Royal Conservatory of Music Level 7 Theory
  • Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Grade 5 Theory
  • Trinity College Grade 5 Theory
  • Conservatory Canada Grade 2 Theory
  • Western Board of Music Grade 4 Rudiments

Certificates may be uploaded into the Department of Music Entrance Evaluation Form.

If you do not have any theory examination results to submit you can do our Theory Placement Test instead.

Required for BMus and elective lessons  

Repertoire requirements

  • two contrasting pieces
  • preferably solo repertoire (not a part from a piece for band, orchestra or choir)
  • classical music (not jazz or pop)
  • BMus: minimum RCM lvl 9 or equivalent. *Memorization required for piano, guitar, voice
  • BA or elective lesson courses: minimum RCM lvl 5 or equivalent. *Memorization is not required


  • accompaniment is required for BMus auditions for voice, string and band instruments
  • a live pianist is available for in-person auditions upon request
  • for virtual auditions, a recorded backup piano track is acceptable


  • please provide one copy of your scores
  • if using our department accompanist, please provide an extra copy

 Pre-recorded video or live Zoom options are available. 

GUIDELINES For pre-recorded video

  • Use your phone or other basic device with camera. No fancy equipment is required.
  • Place your camera to allow full visibility of you and your instrument.
  • Pianists must arrange the camera to allow visibility of the keyboard, full posture and pedal.
  • Record each piece in one take, a break between pieces is acceptable.


  • Create a free Zoom account
  • Set up “High Fidelity Music Mode
  • Test your settings with someone so you know what works best for your setup
  • For best results have a hard-wired connection
  • Otherwise be as close to a wifi node as possible
  • Ask everyone else in the house to remain off the internet for the duration of your audition
  • If you’re using an accompaniment track, play back on a separate device than the one you are using for the Zoom call

submitting your pre-recorded video

Video files are very large and do not attach easily to emails. Please choose one delivery method from the following options:

  • Upload to YouTube, set privacy to “unlisted” and share the link
  • Send the MP4 file with WeTransfer.com (free file sharing service)
  • Share through OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Drive (ensure privacy settings allow anyone with the link to view the file)


  • please provide one PDF copy of your scores with your video submission or email a copy to music@brocku.ca

If you have any questions about the submission process please reach out to music@brocku.ca for assistance.

Email your submission to the Music Office, music@brocku.ca

Performance videos must be submitted no later than one week before your scheduled virtual appointment.

Application Checklist

Audition Checklist

  • Choose two contrasting pieces according to the guidelines above
  • Scan your scores
  • Practice!
  • Video record your performance, if pre-recording
  • Submit scores and video (if pre-recording) to music@brocku.ca

One Week Before your Entrance Evaluation day

  • Confirm that you have received your Zoom link (if applicable) and schedule
  • Review and submit any missing materials that have been requested
  • If you have any questions please contact the Music Office: music@brocku.ca

A letter of recommendation is required and must be submitted one week before the scheduled Entrance Evaluation date.

Please give the URL for this Letter of Recommendation form to your Music teacher or a person qualified to discuss your musical background and have them fill out the form. This form will automatically be submitted to music@brocku.ca.

NOTICE TO APPLICANTS: Please give the URL for this Letter of Recommendation form to your Music teacher or a person qualified to discuss your musical background. The completed form must be submitted by your referee at least one week before your scheduled Entrance Evaluation date.

NOTICE TO REFEREES: Please ensure this form is submitted one week before the applicant’s scheduled Entrance Evaluation date. If you are unable to use this electronic form please contact music@brocku.ca for alternatives.

Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards

Students interested in applying for scholarships, bursaries, and awards are encouraged to have a look at Brock University’s Student Awards and Financial Aid website. Click the button below to see Brock’s list of awards for future Music students:

  • A. Whitmore Griffin Award in Music
  • Amadeus book prize
  • Atamanuk Family Bursary in Music
  • Bradley Music Education Trust Award
  • Byron Balaski Memorial Award
  • Doris White Memorial Bursary
  • Evelyn Fenwick Scholarship in Music
  • General Brock Entrance Award in Music
  • Graduating Student Prize
  • Music World Award
  • Ronald Tremain Prize in Musical Composition
  • Ruth and Horace Beard Award in Music
  • Senior Scholarship in Music

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