The Learning Commons at the MIWSFPA

The Learning Commons located at the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts is a subdivided quiet study space that welcomes students from all departments.

The communal spot is equipped with an array of seating and table space, a large format scanner especially useful for transparent media, and a large pen-and-touch Wacom Tablet. Two iMac work stations focused on image capture/digital editing and music composition/editing, a full-sized keyboard with midi capability, a light-table, and a 3D printer are also available for student use. A separate space for silent study offers seating for 20 people, and a flat-screen display with an associated computer. This room can be booked for private group study or for presentations. Additional equipment is available for rent in the kiosk located just outside of the Learning Commons. Flooded with natural light, the Learning Commons is a calm and habitual study space that students gravitate toward year-round.

The Learning Commons has become home to a public Zine collection. The collection is fully browsable and open to be viewed by students and the public in the Learning Commons.

23 Years of Bullshit by Natassja Francis.

“To young women of all colour, you will survive this storm, as we always have, and always will.”


Thumb Tacks and Razor Blades: Pro Wresting Fans Confess by Erin War.

“Andre Roussimoff was a French wrestler who suffered from gigantism and acromegaly…”


What’s a Zine? An introduction to the world of zines and how to make them by Erin War.

“A Zine is an independently-or self-published booklet, often created by a single person.”

-Zines about zines-

History and Horror Cold Spots by Erin War.

“In 1910, one thousand acres of existing farmland was purchased in Guelph, and inmates were transferred from a Toronto jail…”


The Shape My Rabbit Made When I Tried To 3D Scan Him.


To: My Love From: Your Admirer *Spoiler Alert: It’s Me, 2018.

“This zine is for me”


Forest City by Rin Vanderhaeghe.

“I remember understanding people despite being able to respond.”


What I’ve Gathered Volume 4 by L. Klein, 2015.

“It’s a weird thing, owning ideas.”


Continual Conflicts by Lanh Hrafn, 2018.

“It was ‘summer’ in Scayleghonwia’s northern continent Ness-Clyde, we wore light clothes draped loosely, I saw you laughing…”