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  • Dramatic Arts students make their mark at (CODE) conference in Ottawa

    DART students Allyson Yates, Rory Vandenbrink, Charlotte Ristich, Amber Hussey, Michelle Sundborg, Hannah Pashkovsky, and Keith Childs (l-r)

    DART students Allyson Yates, Rory Vandenbrink, Charlotte Ristich, Amber Hussey, Michelle Sundborg, Hannah Pashkovsky, and Keith Childs (l-r)

    Seven students from DART attended the Council of Ontario Drama and Dance Educators (CODE) conference in Ottawa from October 17th until October 19th, 2014. The title of the conference was “Mirrors in Drama and Dance: A Journey to Identities.”

    DART instructor Helen Zdriluk, in collaboration with Faculty of Education Professor Kari-Lynn Winters, first thought to organize DART DIE/AT students to help at the 40th annual CODE conference, in 2010, held at Niagara on the Lake. It has been an annual tradition for our students to attend CODE since then.

    At the conference the students’ tasks varied.  They helped presenters set up and tear down their workshops, thanked workshop leaders, assisted attendees, and participated at the book fair. When they were not helping out the organizers, DART students attended workshops and keynote presentations.

    DART instructors Helen Zdriluk, Suzanne Burchell, and recently retired Professor Glenys McQueen-Fuentes were all presenters at CODE.  Their topics were (respectively): “Through the Looking Glass: reflections for Primary/Junior teachers,” “Shakespeare: Mirror to the Soul,” and “Movement and Music based on Le Coq’s Structures Approach.”

    Our students applied for the Student Initiative Grant from the Brock Student Union, which helped cover their transportation and accommodation fees. Upon their return, the students were asked to do class presentations about their experiences, what they had learned, and what inspired them at CODE this year. Here are some of the responses they shared with their professor:

    Being at the CODE conference around many drama and dance teachers enhanced my excitement to begin teaching in the near future.
    Michelle Sundborg

    DART students Amber Hussey, Rory Vandenbrink, and Charlotte Ristich with renowned dancer Luca "lazylegs" Patuelli.

    DART students Amber Hussey, Rory Vandenbrink,
    and Charlotte Ristich with renowned dancer Luca “lazylegs” Patuelli.

    Being at CODE was an incredibly inspirational experience. Not only have I become excited for my future as a drama teacher, but I also feel that by attending workshops my drama tool belt has grown substantially.
    Allyson Yates

    The CODE conference was an incredible experience that allowed me to experience and interact with teachers of a very diverse age range and hear their thoughts and opinions on the way drama and dance is taught and current issues that have emerged in our society today.
    Keith Childs

    The Code Conference was an amazing experience. Being able to interact with and experience the workshops of so many amazing, brilliant dance and drama professionals is something that I will never forget.
    Amber Hussey

    Volunteering at the CODE conference was so valuable for me as a future drama teacher. Such great opportunities to interact with and learn from professionals in the field. An unforgettable experience!
    Charlotte Ristich

    Going to CODE was an amazing experience. It felt great to be surrounded by professionals working in our field. It was also nice knowing that in that space we were all equal and we could share our experiences and ideas. It didn’t matter what training, education, or degree you had: we were all there to collaborate, learn and enjoy the arts.
    Rory Vandenbrink

    Prepared by Dr. Yasmine Kandil with content from the particpants. For more information about the Drama in Education and Applied Theatre Concentration in the Department of Dramatic Arts please contact Dr. Joe Norris or Dr. Yasmine Kandil.

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  • A truly exciting weekend for the Drama in Education /Applied Theatre concentration at the CODE Conference in Collingwood.

    Faculty and students of the Drama in Education /Applied Theatre concentration had a truly exciting weekend at the Council of Ontario Drama and Dance Educators Conference (CODE), which took place October 21-23, 2011 at Blue Mountain, Collingwood.

    Adrienne Smoke, a second year student in the Concentration in Theatre Praxis, attended the conference as an invited artist.  She and dub-poet Greg Frankson opened the Conference with a performance: she drummed them in–thus beginning the conference–followed by a dance, and then provided a drum accompaniment to Greg’s poem performance.  She also gave a workshop for teachers, some of whom presented an excerpt of a Shawl Dance as part of the final evenings’ performance.

    Alex Kazam, a third year DART student was the conference MC, wandering magician, “gentil animateur” and overall conference figure, “Jack-out-of-the-box” (the theme was on REACH–beyond the classroom, with a visual of getting out of a box…).

    Part-time faculty Suzanne Burchell and Helen Zdriluk participated with projects in the 4-hour poster presentation on community-school outreach projects, which was followed by later, in-depth discussion sessions.  Part-time faculty Carolee Mason and full-time faculty Glenys McQueen Fuentes both delivered workshops to teachers.  Helen Zdriluk convened and organized a group of 10 DIE/AT students as very well-appreciated conference volunteers.

    Congratulations for a successful weekend at CODE!

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