Dr. Yasmine Kandil

Assistant Professor
Drama in Education and Applied Theatre

BA (Theatre) American University in Cairo,
MFA (Theatre Directing) University of Victoria
PhD (Applied Theatre with a focus on Theatre for Development) University of Victoria

Office: MW 310
905 688 5550 x8301

Dr. Kandil is Assistant Professor in Applied Theatre & Drama in Education at the Department of Dramatic Arts.  She holds an M.F.A in Theatre Directing and Ph.D. in Applied Theatre from the University of Victoria.  Dr. Kandil’s research looks at the ethics of applied theatre practice, especially in contexts that involve communities that identify as marginalized.  She has directed a number of community-based performances involving members of the immigrant and refugee community both in Victoria, BC, and Saint Catharines, Ontario.  She has also facilitated several workshops at schools, community centers, and various educational settings for pedagogical and community development purposes.  Her research has examined the impact and protocols of celebratory approaches for community building and ethical engagement with marginalized communities.  She is co-applicant on a SSHRC Insight Grant with Drs. Natalie Alvarez (PI) and Jennifer Lavoie looking at Scenario-based training to help police better de-escalate situations with people in mental crisis.  Dr. Kandil’s international work is based in Cairo, Egypt.  She is presently working on disseminating research on the wave of applied theatre initiatives, especially Testimonial Theatre, in the wake of the Egyptian revolution of 2011.

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Co-applicant: Alvarez, N., Kandil, Y., Lavoie, J. “Scenario Training to Improve Interactions between Police and Individuals in Mental Crisis: impacts and efficacy.” 4-year project funded by SSHRC ($310,950). Brock & Wilfred Laurier REB approved (August 2017) In progress

Co-investigator: Alvarez, N. Kandil, Y. Lavoie, J. “Training Police to Respond to People in Mental Health Crisis: A Scenario-based Training Curriculum and Evaluation Framework.” (January 2019). In-progress

Principle Investigator: Kandil, Y. “Applied Theatre in Post-Revolution Egypt: A Narrative Inquiry Study.” Brock REB approved (June 2015).  In Progress.

Director & Facilitator: “Welcome to Canada” Forum Theatre presentation as part of the Community Connections Program organized by the Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Center. (March & May 2018). 

Principle Investigator & Director: Kandil, Y. “Distance & Implication: Understanding the Role of the Researcher & the Audience in Celebratory & Informative Applied Theatre Initiatives.” Funded by SJRI & HRI (total $10,000). July 2017. Culminated in a devised applied theatre performance “Return to the Nile: tales of migration”

Principle Investigator & Director: Kandil, Y. “Witnessing through Narrative Performances: a community-based participatory theatre initiative.”  Collaborating with six Applied Theatre Brock students to devise a performance based on interviews and workshops with six immigrant and refugee participants.  Funded by Brock’s Humanities Research Institute and the Social Justice Research Institute (total $5100). Brock REB approved (Feb 2017). Culminated in a devised applied theatre performance “Return to the Nile: a newcomer’s journey”

Workshop Facilitator: Kandil, Y. “Applied Theatre in Community-building Contexts.”  Disseminating research on community outreach, ethics of practice, and how to establish an arts-based program in not-for-profit organizations.  Delivered in collaboration with Lina de Guevara, and the Inter-cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA) staff.  Funded by the Humanities & Research Institute ($3000), in partnership with ICA (June 2016).

Lighting Designer: Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet by Anne-Marie MacDonald. Directed by Danielle Wilson.  Dramatic Arts Theatre, Brock University, Canada (Feb 2016)

March 2018 – “Tensions of Engagement in the Canadian Immigrant Theatre Context.” Panelists: Lina de Guevara (Puente Theatre-Victoria), Ruth Howard (Jumblies Theatre-Toronto), and Dr. Yasmine Kandil (Brock University-Niagara). Moderated by Dr. Natalie Alvarez (Ryerson University). Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine & Performing Arts.

January 2018 – “The State of Our Art.” Drama in Education & Applied Theatre symposium & workshops by Dr. Kathleeen Gallagher, Dr. Belarie Zatzman, Dr. David Booth, Dr. Larry Schwartz, and Dr. Joe Norris. Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine & Performing Arts.

January 2018 – “Standing in the Trouble: foolish witness and fieldwork.” Keynote by Dr. Julie Salverson. Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine & Performing Arts.

September 2017“Seeing the World Instead of Numbly Recognizing it: witnessing & representation in Applied Theatre.” Keynote by Professor Emeritus Juliana Saxton. Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine & Performing Arts.

January 2016 – “Active Citizenship in Drama Education & Applied Theatre Symposium.”  Workshops and presentations by Dr. Jonothan Neelands, Professor Kathy Lundy, and Professor Emeritus Carole Miller.  Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine & Performing Arts.

February 2015 – “Story, Drama, & Video in Social and Personal Contexts: the inaugural Applied Theatre & Drama in Education Symposium.” Presentations by Drs. Joe Norris & Yasmine Kandil, 3 former Masters of Education students, and 4 Dramatic Arts undergraduate students.  Rodman Hall, Brock University

January 2015 – “Story: the missing chapter.” Keynote by Professor Emeritus Juliana Saxton. Brock University


  • Canadian Association for Theatre Research
  • International Drama in Education Research Institute
  • American Educational Research Association
  • New York University Forum on Educational Theatre