Holistic Wellness Circle

A holistic approach to wellness recognizes a person’s mind, body, spirit and emotion are all interrelated and need to be continually brought into balance and harmony.

Experiences that affect the physical quadrant (e.g. insomnia) also affect the other quadrants (mind, spirit and emotion). The process of achieving balance is ongoing and will be different for each person. A journey towards balance and wellness may involve being self-reflective, connecting with friends and family or using a variety of community resources and/or seeking support from trained professionals.

The Niagara Holistic Wellness Portal

The Niagara Holistic Wellness Initiative is a community partnership between Brock University, Niagara College and other Niagara Region professionals who are committed to supporting post-secondary students’ learning, health and well-being in a positive and holistic way. The resource is based on the Aboriginal medicine wheel and acts as a tool for students to focus on all parts of their health – mind, body, emotion and spirit.