Welcome! At Brock we want to help you with any concern you may have about your mental health. This website is designed to support you with your mental health and wellness.

It offers information about what to do if you are experiencing a mental health issue and focuses on how to get help. Perhaps you may be concerned about someone else. These pages will help you with that as well.

If you have concerns, you need not be alone. Many students choose to talk to somebody when they are having difficulty. They may start with friends, dons, academic advisers, professors or a community leaders e.g. Aboriginal elder (Aboriginal Services). A student may also choose to talk to a counsellor, nurse or doctor and are often referred to Personal Counselling and/or Student Health Services.

Your counsellors and health professionals on campus want you to know you can speak to them about any of your concerns. If you have something that’s troubling you, whether it seems big or small it’s okay to talk to to them about it. They know sometimes students are unsure of where to go to get help with their mental health issues. At Brock our services work together to ensure you’ll be connected to the person or service(s) you need regardless of which “door” you enter first.

Are you in a crisis?

Please seek immediate help. Call x3200 (Campus Security) or 911.
All crisis contact information is listed on our contact page.

How to get help

Choose the service you are most comfortable with.

All personal health information, which is characterized as information about an individual relating to their physical or mental health, is confidential unless the person has signed a specific release of information form to indicate her/his information can be given to a specific person(s).

Brock University Student Health Services (SHS), Personal Counselling (SDC) and Services for Students with Disabilities (SSWD) collect personal health information and are required to keep each student’s documents (medical records, counselling and case files) confidential. They’re kept secure and separate from other University records. Information in the documents cannot be released to anyone without the individual’s specific consent.

It’s important to note SHS, SDC and SSWD work in a circle of care. Confidentiality within this circle of care is discussed with each student when they access any of these three services. Unless a student specifically withdraws her/his consent, these three areas may share information on a “need to know” basis when necessary for the student’s care and support. A student can give or withdraw her/his consent for this circle of care at any time.