Transition to university

Transitioning to university is a process both you and your young adult will experience during their university career. It occurs throughout university and every experience is different. Transitioning can pose difficulties for both you and your young adult.

Throughout university your young adult will run into new experiences and responsibilities. A certain level of independence and autonomy is required to handle these new experiences. It’s when she/he feels unable to deal with them that the transition from their past environment to university can pose problems. Recognizing when your child is struggling during a transition period is important.

Examples of transitioning situations and periods

  • Higher expectations and more autonomy.
  • More control over her/his schedule.
    • Choosing and registering for classes.
    • Holding sole responsibility for attendance in classes, seminars and labs.
  • All classes are different. Certain professors have certain styles and different teaching models. It’s important to accept and adapt to these models.
  • Adapting to a new city and campus.
  • First exam period.
  • Residence living.

Tips to make the transition to Brock smoother

  • Attend the Smart Start day program in the summer prior to your first day of classes.
  • If you are unable to attend this program, arrange for a campus tour to familiarize yourself with your new environment.
  • Set up an appointment with your academic adviser to ensure your courses properly line up with those of your program requirements.