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Peter Tiidus (Dean, Applied Health Sciences)Applied Health Sciences3385Physiology of exercise induced muscle damage and repair; Alternative medicine (eg. Massage, icing, hyperbaric oxygen); Treatment in muscle injury or athletic recovery; Menopause and exercise in muscle/metabolic health of aging women
Anthony BogaertApplied Health SciencesHealth Sciences4085Sexuality; Sexual Orientation
Eduardo Fernandez CernaApplied Health SciencesHealth Sciences3871Global Health; Vector Borne diseases
Antony Wai Ho ChumApplied Health SciencesHealth SciencesHealthy cities; LGBTQ+ health; Social determinants of health; Suicide and mental health epidemiology; Housing/homelessness and health
Jens CoorssenApplied Health SciencesHealth Sciences / BiologyWet biomedical research (e.g. biomarkers, etc); Precision Medicine; Scientific Wellness
Brent E. FaughtApplied Health SciencesHealth Sciences3586Epidemiology; Non-Infectious Diseases; Physical Activity and Health; Pediatric Health
Paula GardnerApplied Health SciencesHealth Sciences6176Aging and Community Health; Healthy Aging; Community Mobility and Active Transportation; Mindfulness and mental health; Mindfulness and Post-Secondary Education
Madelyn Law (Associate Vice-Provost, Teaching and Learning)Applied Health SciencesHealth Sciences5386Health Administration; Organizational Design in Health Care; Patient Safety; Organizational Culture and Change; Health Quality
Kelli-an LawranceApplied Health SciencesHealth Sciences4288Tobacco use (smoking) and vaping (e-cigs, Juuls) among young adults, 18-30 years old
Paul LeBlancApplied Health SciencesHealth Sciences4216Skeletal Muscle; Mitochondria; Metabolism; Diet; Exercise
Jian (Jason) Liu Applied Health SciencesHealth Sciences5106Application of biostatistics in epidemiology research; cardio-metabolic risk factors; cardiovascular disease; diabetes; obesity; study design; data analysis
Rebecca MacPherson Applied Health SciencesHealth Sciences6620Cellular Homeostasis; Pathophysiology; Metabolic Diseases; Regulation of Brain Beta-Amyloid Production; Lipid Homeostasis; Metabolism; Obesity, Type 2 diabetes; Alzheimer's diseas;Exercise physiology
Dan Malleck (Director of Canadian Studies)Applied Health SciencesHealth Sciences5108Drug Regulation; Alcohol Control; Alcohol Consumption; Alcohol and Drug Policy; Medical History; Addiction History; Prohibition; Medical Professions; Health Care Delivery; Pharmaceutical Industry
Adam MacNeilApplied Health SciencesHealth Sciences6294Immunology; Allergic Inflammation; Convergent Receptor Signaling in Mast Cells; Epigenetics of Mast Cell Differentiation and Maturation
Miya NarushimaApplied Health SciencesHealth Sciences5149Aging and Well-being; Community-Based Health Promotion; Lifelong Learning; Capacity Building; Volunteerism; Psycho-Social Determinants of Health
Deborah O'Leary (Director of Brock-Niagara Centre for Health and Well-Being)Applied Health SciencesHealth Sciences4339Aging; Arterial Compliance; Blood Pressure Regulation; Cardiovascular Disease and Rehabilitation; Exercise Physiology; Gender; Obesity; Pediatrics
Karen PatteApplied Health SciencesHealth Sciences3882Youth mental health and substance use; School-based health in secondary school; Adolescent sleep and school start times; Youth weight perceptions; Obesity and unhealthy weight control behaviours/disordered eating
Ana SanchezApplied Health SciencesHealth Sciences4388Neglected Tropical Diseases; Infectious Diseases; Zoonotic Diseases; Tropical Parasites; Global Health; International Development of Health Research; Honduras; Research Policy
Martin TammemagiApplied Health SciencesHealth Sciences5169Cancer Epidemiology; Epidemiology; Lung Cancer Epidemiology; Lung Cancer Screening; Prediction Modeling of Cancer Risk
Evangelia L. TsianiApplied Health SciencesHealth Sciences3881Cell Signaling; Insulin Resistance; Muscle Metabolism; Cell Signaling Pathways in Cancer; Investigation of the Biological Effects of Food Components
Terrance WadeApplied Health SciencesHealth SciencesChild Behaviour; Disparity; Social Determinants of Health; Social Disadvantage; Social Structural Factors & Health; Youth & Wellness
Hui Di WangApplied Health SciencesHealth Sciences4819Role of adventitia in vascular function
Allan AdkinApplied Health SciencesKinesiology4990Effects of cognitive factors on the central nervous system control of upright stance, balance problems and falls in older adults and individuals with musculoskeletal or neurological deficits
Shawn BeaudetteApplied Health SciencesKinesiology6687Biomechanics; Neurophysiology; Low Back Pain; Human Anatomy; Motor Control; Sensory Feedback; Proprioception; Joint Stability; Data Science; Non-Linear Dynamics; Motion Capture
Stephen CheungApplied Health SciencesKinesiologyEnvironmental Ergonomics; Human Temperature Regulation; Environmental Physiology; Heat and Cold Physiology; Extreme Environments; Hypothermia; Hyperthermia; Heat Stress; Hydration; Body Fluid Balance; Occupational Physiology; Firefighting Physiology; Offshore Survival; Protective Clothing; Exercise; Exercise in Extreme Environments; Cycling science/performance
Nicole ChimeraApplied Health SciencesKinesiology6755Clinical movement screening tools; Evaluating injury risk assessment using clinician friendly tools; Intervention strategies to reduce risk of injury in sport and physical activity
Maureen ConnollyApplied Health SciencesKinesiologyAutism; Curricula; Disabilities; Personal Fitness and Training; Strength and Conditioning; Physical Education and Movement Education; Teaching and Learning in Higher Education; Women/Feminisms/Gender Issues; Phenomenolgy and Semiotics
Jarold CosbyApplied Health SciencesKinesiologyMedication Guidelines and Policies; Health Professional and Patient Decision-Making; Qualitative Research; Program Evaluation; Illness and Health Promotion Experiences: Role of Education
David DitorApplied Health SciencesKinesiology5338Exercise Rehabilitation, inflammation, nutrition and secondary health complications after spinal cord injury;
Val Andrew FajardoApplied Health SciencesKinesiologySkeletal muscle; muscle aging or sarcopenia; muscle repair; muscle disease; metabolism; obesity and diabetes; exercise physiology
Bareket Falk (Director of Centre for Bone & Muscle Health)Applied Health SciencesKinesiologyPediatric Exercise Physiology; Exercise and Musculoskeletal Health; Neuromuscular Development; Growth, maturation and muscle function; Exercise in the Heat - Children
Timothy FletcherApplied Health SciencesKinesiology6358Health & Physical Education in schools; Pedagogy; Child/Youth Sport; Practitioner Research
Nancy FrancisApplied Health SciencesKinesiologyCurricular development for physical literacy in children; Dance Education; Effective, inclusive pedagogy for diverse learners in expressive and functional movement contexts; Movement experiences as a site for embodied learning
Gail FrostApplied Health SciencesKinesiology4497Problem-based learning, injury treatment and rehabilitation, therapeutic exercise, biomechanics and physiology of children's locomotion
David GabrielApplied Health SciencesKinesiology4362The biomechanical and physiological significance of the surface electromyographic (sEMG) signal, neuromuscular disorders, psychological factors involved in muscle strength assessment in field and laboratory environments
Kim GammageApplied Health SciencesKinesiology3772Exercise & Health Psychology; Body Image & Self-Presentational Concerns; Older Adults and Exercise; Social Environment in Exercise; Osteoporosis Prevention & Management; Imagery
Mike Holmes (Canada Research Chair in Neuromuscular Mechanics and Ergonomics)Applied Health SciencesKinesiology4398Biomechanics; Ergonomics; Neuromechanics; Motion capture; Haptic robotics and virtual reality for workplace simulation; Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders; Injury Mechanisms; Sport Biomechanics; Carpal Tunnel Mechanics; Neuromechanical Control of the Hand; Muscle Mechanics; Joint Stability
Nota KlentrouApplied Health SciencesKinesiologyPediatric Exercise Physiology; Health, Training and Performance in Youth Sports; Endocrine Regulation; Bone Metabolism; Mechanisms of Bone Development and Adaptation; Inflammation, Immunity and Exercise; Osteoporosis Prevention; Elite Young Athletes
Anna Lathrop (Vice Provost, Teaching and Learning)Applied Health SciencesKinesiology4361History of Physical Education and Sport, Children and physical activity, Gender and sport, Pedagogy in Higher Education; Outdoor Orientation Programs; Academic Integrity
Kelly LockwoodApplied Health SciencesKinesiology3092Athletic Training and Conditioning; Biomechanics; Coaching; Equipment Design; Sport Performance; Sport Physiology
Ken LodewykApplied Health SciencesKinesiology5220Relationships between Instructional Practices, Motivation, Beliefs, Life Skills, and Achievement in Physical Education
Diane MackApplied Health SciencesKinesiology4360Health-Enhancing Physical Activity; Well-Being; Bone Health; Physical Activity Interventions; Successful Aging and Health Behaviour
Jae PattersonApplied Health SciencesKinesiology3769motor skill acquisition across the lifespan
Ian RitchieApplied Health SciencesKinesiology3966Drug Use in Sport; Olympic Games; Social Issues in Sport
Danny RosenbergApplied Health SciencesKinesiology4289Sport Philosophy; Sport Ethics; Sport Management Ethics; Sport and Religion
Brian RoyApplied Health SciencesKinesiology3779Exercise and Health; Exercise Physiology; Muscle Metabolism; Nutrition and Exercise; Nutritional Supplements and Exercise; Hydration and its Effects on Exercise
Philip Sullivan (Director of Centre for Youth Sport Research)Applied Health SciencesKinesiology4787Coaches and Coaching; Coaching Confidence; Communication in Sports Teams; Sport Teams and Coaching; Sports Team Cohesion and Confidence; Sport Psychology
Craig TokunoApplied Health SciencesKinesiology4365Neural and Biomechanical Control of Human Movement, Balance, Locomotion, Falls, Older Adults
Réné VandenboomApplied Health SciencesKinesiology4726Skeletal Muscle Physiology: Fatigue, Potentiation, Disease; Fitness Training/Exercise: Strength and Power, Endurance, Hockey Fitness, Sport Specific Fitness; Health: Sudden Death in Sports, Obesity, Familial Cardiac Hypertrophy; Ball Hockey
Cathy Van IngenApplied Health SciencesKinesiologyBoxing (women, men's professional, Olympic and amateur); Gender/Race Issues and Sport
Wendy Ward (Canada Research Chair in Bone and Muscle Development)Applied Health SciencesKinesiology3024Nutrition related to Oral and Bone Health, Osteoporosis, Soy, Flaxseed, Tea, Calcium, Vitamin D
Philip WilsonApplied Health SciencesKinesiologyBehavioural Health Sciences With an Emphasis on Physical Activity and Health; Health & Exercise Psychology; Motivation; Motivation and Active Living for Adults; Role of Physical Activity on Disease Management and Prevention; Theories of Health Behaviour Change
Lynn McClearyApplied Health SciencesNursing5160Aging, Geriatric Nursing; Mental Health; Psychiatry; Psychiatric Nursing; Gerontology
Jane MooreApplied Health SciencesNursing4189Nursing Collaborative Practice and Teamwork; Patient and Health Provider Outcomes; Quality and Patient Safety Initiatives; Infections in Cancer Populations
Dawn PrenticeApplied Health SciencesNursingGerentological Nursing; Trends and Issues in Nursing
Lynn RempelApplied Health SciencesNursing4774Breastfeeding; Fathering Infants; Transition to Parenting
Joanne CrawfordApplied Health SciencesNursing4363Population-based cancer screening (breast and colorectal ) among under screened or never screened populations (i.e. immigrants and low-income groups); Public health and participatory action research; Chronic disease prevention; Blended learning strategies in oncology
Sheila O'Keefe-MccarthyApplied Health SciencesNursing6192Cardiovascular Disease; Cardiac Pain and Anxiety; Acute Coronary Syndromes; Cardiac-specific Prodromal warning Symptoms; Pain Assessment and Management; Mobile Health technology interventions (development and evaluation) for Cardiovascular Symptom Management; Nursing-Critical Care; Arts-Based Research
Jenn SalfiApplied Health SciencesNursing3483Interprofessional Education (IPE); Collaborative Practice and Team Functionning; Nursing Education
Karyn TaplayApplied Health SciencesNursing3789Nursing education, traditional and alternative learning styles, as well as the use of technology, specifically simulation as a teaching/learning strategy in nursing
Martha BarnesApplied Health SciencesRecreation & Leisure Studies5011Interorganizational relationships in recreation and sport; Recreation planning; Social network analysis
Sanghee ChunApplied Health SciencesRecreation & Leisure Studies5225Role of Leisure in the Experience of Psychosocial Coping and Adaptation; Post-Traumatic Growth; Happiness and Subjective Well-Being for people with Spinal Cord Injury
Scott ForresterApplied Health SciencesRecreation & Leisure StudiesCampus Recreational Sports; Intramural Sports; Leadership; Outcome Assessment and Measurement; Program Evaluation; Simulated Leisure and Artificial Adventure Environments; Sports Participation; Psycho-Social Determinants and Benefits of Participation in Campus Recreational Sports for Post-Secondary Students
Colleen HoodApplied Health SciencesRecreation & Leisure Studies5120My research interests include: the role of leisure in well being; leisure and recovery; trauma-informed therapeutic recreation practice; the role of leisure in coping and adaptation; social psychology of leisure; therapeutic recreation professional practice; leisure and addiction; women's experiences of leisure; and leisure education
Pei-Chun HsiehApplied Health SciencesRecreation & Leisure StudiesSuccessful aging; Use of recreation in promoting sense of belonging in people with disabilities; Role of leisure in stress and coping among family caregivers
Garrett HutsonApplied Health SciencesRecreation & Leisure Studies4784Place Meanings in Natural Settings; Sense of Community on Wilderness Trips; Outdoor Recreation Resource Management; Outdoor Leadership Education; Q Methodology
Tim O'ConnellApplied Health SciencesRecreation & Leisure Studies5014Outdoor Recreation; Outdoor Education; Experiential Education; Outdoor Leadership; Psychological Sense of Community; Rock Climbing; Ice Climbing; Sea Kayaking; Reflective Journaling; Wilderness Expeditions; Recreation; Leisure; Outdoor Orientation Programs
Kyle RichApplied Health SciencesRecreation & Leisure Studies4269Community sport and recreation; Rural community development; Community development through sport and recreation; Social inclusion in/through sport and recreation; Community sport clubs; Sport policy
Erin SharpeApplied Health SciencesRecreation & Leisure Studies3989Recreation and community, Community Development; Recreation Service Delivery; Social Inclusion; Grassroots and Voluntary Organizations,; Local Policy and Governance; Community Engagement; After-school Programs; Health and Active Living
Shalini Singh Applied Health SciencesRecreation & Leisure Studies4103Domestic Tourism in Asia; Religion and Heritage Aspects of Leisure Travel/Tourism; Community Tourism
Nicholas BurtonApplied Health SciencesSport Management6289Sponsorship; Ambush marketing; Athlete endorsements and brands; Sport marketing; Business of European football (soccer); International sport business
Chris ChardApplied Health SciencesSport Management5875 Triple Bottom Line; Hockey Brand Management; Sport Finance; USport (University Sport focused on hockey); Youth sport participation and management; Sports stocks; Overall brand issues
Laura CousensApplied Health SciencesSport Management4748Organizational and field-level change, inter-organizational relationships, relationship marketing, neo-institutional theory, networks of community sport providers, sport for development.
Michele DonnellyApplied Health SciencesSport Management4351Gender and sport; Gender equality and the Olympic Movement/Games; Gender/sex testing policies in sport; Alternative sport (roller derby, skateboarding, snowboarding), particularly girls and women in these sports; Women-only activities (including women’s home improvement workshops, entrepreneur organizations, and recreation groups); Research ethics related to qualitative research methods
Curtis FogelApplied Health SciencesSport Management4617Sports Law; Sports Ethics; Doping; Drug Control Policy; Violence in Sport; Social Justice and Human Rights; Socio-Cultural Aspects of Sport
Craig HyattApplied Health SciencesSport Management4382Sports Fans
Shannon KerwinApplied Health SciencesSport Management6177Organizational Behaviour in Sport (e.g., Conflict, Values); Volunteer Management; Leadership; Sport Experiences
Lisa KikulisApplied Health SciencesSport Management5004
Cheryl MallenApplied Health SciencesSport Management3036Sport Environmental Sustainability (Protecting the Natural Environment at Sport Facilities and Events for Future Generations); Sport Facility and Event Management; Teaching for Change-based Times; Sport Ethics in Times of New Technologies
Kevin MongeonApplied Health SciencesSport Management5155Industrial Organization, Sports Economics, Behavioral Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Sport Analytics, Bayesian Econometrics
Pat ReidApplied Health SciencesSport Management3383Organizational behaviour; Sport policy; Government and industry sectors; Internships; Sport event critical issues; High performance coaching; Ethics in sport; Sports event planning; Sport marketing and sponsorship; Sport Canada and NSO’s and MSOs; Combative sports management
Kirsty SpenceApplied Health SciencesSport Management5027Leadership; Leadership Development; Executive Coaching (in Sport Management)
Julie Stevens (Director, Centre for Sport Capacity) Applied Health SciencesSport Management4668Major Sport Events and Volunteers; Canadian Hockey Industry; Canadian Sport Industry - Amateur, Professional and International; Change Management - Canadian Sport; Sport Policy - Government; Hockey - Women’s and Men’s History, Development, Ethics, Controversy; Athlete Development from Grassroots to National Teams
Dawn TrussellApplied Health SciencesSport Management4580Issues of Power and Social Inclusion, especially Family, Children and Youth, Gender and Sexuality, and Rurality; Organized Youth Sport and Family Leisure Experiences with an emphasis on the connection to Gender and Parenting Ideologies
Nicola SimmonsEducationEducational Studies3137Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL); Educational Development/Faculty; Development; Innovative pedagogies; Adult teaching and learning; Lifemapping; Postsecondary action research; Phenomenography
Catherine HandsEducationEducational Studies5122School-community relations; Community involvement in education; Parent engagement in education; Schools as communities; Educational leadership; School reform; Professional learning communities (Professional development and adult learning)
Debra HarwoodEducationEducational Studies5873Early childhood education curriculum; Pedagogy; outdoor learning/teaching; Digital technologies and young children; Educator professionalism
Sheila BennettEducationEducational Studies4584Special Education; Inclusive Practices; Segregation Policy; Acquired Brain Injury; Selective Mutism
Fiona BlaikieEducationEducational Studies3712Visual Art Education; Qualitative Research including Auto-Ethnography and Arts Based Educational Research; Social Theory on the Body and Clothing relating to Habitus and Identity; Qualitative Approaches to Portfolio Assessment; Curriculum Development and Implementation
Sandra BosackiEducationEducational Studies4987Social, Cognitive and Emotional Competencies in Children and Adolescents; Peer Relations in Youth; Child-Companion Animal/Pet Relations; Shy/Socially Withdrawn Children, Deception and Psychological/Emotional Bullying and Teasing in Youth
Tiffany Gallagher (Director of Brock Learning Lab)EducationEducational Studies5114The role of the literacy and instructional coach; Reading and writing strategy instruction; Inclusion and Exceptional learners; Teachers with learning disabilities; Disciplinary literacy; Literacy assessment and evaluation; Learning strategies for reading and writing in science; Role of the Special Education Teacher and integration; Tutoring; Post secondary education for persons with disabilities
Michelle McGinnEducationEducational Studies4730Graduate Student Development; Researcher Development; Research Ethics; Research Integrity; Internationalization of universities; Mentoring and Mentorship; Identity and Belonging in Academe; Research Methodologies; Situated Learning; Problem Solving in Mathematics and Science
Trevor NorrisEducationEducational Studies5897Philosophy of Education, High School Philosophy, History of Educational Thought, Critical Pedagogy, Globalization and Development Theories, Critiques of Consumerism and Neoliberalism, Education and Social Change, Modernity and Postmodernity
Lissa PaulEducationEducational Studies5198Children's Literature; Literary Theories; Feminist Theories; Post-Colonial Discourse; Cultural Studies; Diversity; Eighteenth-Century Studies
Snezana RatkovicEducationEducational Studies4793Migration and Indigeneity; Transnational and Transdisciplinary Teacher Education; Decolonizing and Arts-based Research Methodologies; Research Education; Academic Writing and Publishing; Knowledge Mobilization
Mary Louise VanderleeEducationEducational Studies4066Full Day Kindergarten; Child Care and Education; Class Size; Developmentally Appropriate Practice; Early Childhood Education; ECE Education; Family Resource Centres; Parent Participation in Education; Teacher Training; Community Indicators; Niagara Children's Charter
Dolana MogadimeEducationEducational Studies3733Sociology and Equity Studies; Social Justice and Education; Social and Cultural Contexts of Education; Race and Ethnicity in Education; Feminism and Black Feminism in Education; Gender and Education; Women and Leadership
Darlene Ciuffetelli ParkerEducationEducational StudiesPoverty in education and educational communities; Social justice and equity issues in secondary schools, elementary schools and communities; Stories of experience in educational communities; Literacy narratives, teacher identity, and student (youth) identity, and stakeholder (community) identity in community landscapes; Diverse systemic issues and exclusion in school/communal settings such as race, identity, culture, socio economics, gender, religion, LGBTQ and mental health
Xavier FazioEducationEducational StudiesScience Education; Teacher Education; Environmental Education
Candace FiggEducationEducational Studies5347Teaching and Learning with Technology; Mobile Technologies; Technology Integration K-12; TPACK Knowledge
David HutchisonEducationEducational Studies3354Educational Reform; Teacher Education; Project-based Learning; Social Studies Education; Environmental Education; Computers in Education; Video Games in Education
Chunlei LuEducationEducational Studies5343Body-Mind Holism; Cross-Cultural Studies, Inter-Civilization Dialogue, Multicultural Education; Curriculum Studies; East-West Cultural Discourse; Eastern Martial Arts & Meditation; Eastern Philosophy; Holistic Approach to Health; Immigrant Health; Mindfulness; Physical Education; Sports Pedagogy
Joyce MgombeloEducationEducational Studies5117Mathematics Education; Teacher Education; Curriculum Issues (culture, popular culture, cognition); Qualitative Research Methodologies (action research, phenomenology, etc.); Complexity Science; Enactivist and Psychoanalytic Inquiry in Education; International Education Research; Development Projects
Camille RutherfordEducationEducational Studies5344Educational Leadership; Leadership; School Reform; School/Teacher Leadership; Social Media & Education; Educational Technology/Innovation; 21st Century Teaching & Learning
Peter VietgenEducationEducational Studies5116Art Education; Art Gallery/Museum Education Links with Schools; Social Justice Issues & the Arts; Teacher Education & the Arts; Architecture in the Curriculum
Lorenzo CherubiniEducationEducational Studies905-547-3555 ext 3603Educational Policy; Aboriginal Education; Teacher Professional Development; Grounded Theory Research; Mentoring; Organizational Culture of Schools; Organizational Leadership; Secondary School English Education; Teacher Induction
Doug KarrowEducationEducational Studies905-547-3555 ext 3614Elementary Science Education; Environmental Education; Curricular and Pedagogical Theory and Practice
Julian KitchenEducationEducational Studies905-547-3555 ext 3633Aboriginal Education; Education Law, Professionalism and Ethics; Teacher Education and Induction; LGBT Issues in Education; Safe Schools
Louis VolanteEducationEducational StudiesEducational Governance; International Achievement Studies; Student Achievement; Educational Policy Analysis; Educational Reform and Innovation; Assessment and Evaluation
Barry WrightGoodman School of Business6789Leadership; Organizational change
Kareen BrownGoodman School of BusinessAccounting6230Executive Compensation; Earnings Management
Fayez ElayanGoodman School of BusinessAccounting4160Executive Compensation; Credit Rating; Merger and Acquisitions; Real Estate Investment Trust; Capital Markets; Business and Human Rights
Yun KeGoodman School of BusinessAccounting4603Social trust; Corporate governance; Financial reporting quality; Financial analysts; Family firms
Barbara SaintyGoodman School of BusinessAccounting3182Professional Judgment; Accounting Education; Social Capital; Ethics, Religion and Culture; Public Sector Operating Budgets
Paul ScarbroughGoodman School of BusinessAccounting3915Manufacturing; Toyota Production System; Lean Production, Manufacturing, Health care; Cost Management; Manufacturing in Canada, Europe, Japan; Culture and Manufacturing
Tanya TangGoodman School of BusinessAccounting3132Tax avoidance, Earnings management, Corporate governance, Capital market-based accounting research
Donald CyrGoodman School of BusinessFinance, Operations & Information Systems4960Corporate and Investment Finance; Financial Research as it applies to the Viticulture and Wine Industry; Financial implications of Weather and Climate Change
Michael ArmstrongGoodman School of BusinessFinance, Operations & Information Systems5323Quality; Reliability; Product Recalls; Cannabis industry; Cannabis regulation; Missile defense
Anteneh AyansoGoodman School of BusinessFinance, Operations & Information Systems3498Data Management; Business Analytics; Electronic Commerce, and Electronic Government
Ernest BiktimirovGoodman School of BusinessFinance, Operations & Information Systems3843Financial Education; Investments (Index Effects; Event Studies); Creative Thinking
Teju HerathGoodman School of BusinessFinance, Operations & Information Systems4179Information Assurance; Information Security and Privacy; Diffusion of Information Assurance Practices; Economics of Information Security; Security Management; Phishing Scams
Kenneth KlassenGoodman School of BusinessFinance, Operations & Information Systems3968Managing Service Businesses - Operations; Efficiency, Quality; Demand and Capacity Management in Services; Outpatient Appointment Scheduling; Healthcare Process Improvement
Jin LeiGoodman School of BusinessFinance, Operations & Information Systems4385Corporate liquidity policies; Investments; Corporate financial distress and bankruptcy; Financial contagion; CEO/forecaster overconfidence
Tatyana SokolykGoodman School of BusinessFinance, Operations & Information Systems4781Corporate Governance; Entrepreneurial Finance; Capital Structure; International Investments
Francine VachonGoodman School of BusinessFinance, Operations & Information Systems3720Data breaches; Knowledge discovery; Research methodology; Online experiments; Information systems meta-research; Cognitive fit
Abdul AshrafGoodman School of BusinessMarketing, International Business & Strategy5195Online consumer decision making; Technology adoption; E-commerce; M-commerce
Eric DolanskyGoodman School of BusinessMarketing, International Business & Strategy5159Pricing; Consumer Behaviour; Consumer Reaction to Price; Decision-Making; Perceptions of Value
Todd GreenGoodman School of BusinessMarketing, International Business & Strategy5593Corporate social responsibility/irresponsibility and ethics; Green marketing; Non-profit and charity marketing; Music consumption and management; Socially responsible gift giving
Wesley HelmsGoodman School of BusinessMarketing, International Business & Strategy5191Role of Conflict - its Strategic and Non-Strategic Management, and its Settlement in Institutionalization Processes; Historical Contestation around the Practices of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
Antonia MantonakisGoodman School of BusinessMarketing, International Business & Strategy5383Marketing; Consumer Behaviour; Consumer Psychology; Wine Marketing
Trish RuebottomGoodman School of BusinessMarketing, International Business & Strategy4170Social Entrepreneurship; Social Media and Mobilization; Organizing for Social Change
Joachim ScholzGoodman School of BusinessMarketing, International Business & StrategyAugmented reality / mixed reality / virtual reality; Social media firestorms / online controversies; Branding in digitally-infused, hyper-connected and polarised societies; Cultural branding; Digital and social media marketing; Consumer culture; Pokemon Go
Francis SunGoodman School of BusinessMarketing, International Business & Strategy5376Trade disputes; International business; Global and transnational strategy; Institutional relativity across societies; Comparative business systems; Cross-cultural management; Business practices in China and elsewhere in East Asia
Narongsak (Tek) ThongpapanlGoodman School of BusinessMarketing, International Business & Strategy5195New Product Development; Innovation and Technology Management; E-Commerce; Strategic Marketing Management in High Technology Environments
Maxim VoronovGoodman School of BusinessMarketing, International Business & Strategy5189Wine Industry; Whisky Industry; Cultural Industries; Organizations and their socio-political environment; social movements; Strategic Change; Emotions and Organizing
Kai-Yu Wang Goodman School of BusinessMarketing, International Business & Strategy5597Consumer Information Processing; Marketing Communication; Word-of-Mouth Marketing in Virtual Communities
Peter YannopoulosGoodman School of BusinessMarketing, International Business & Strategy3909Competitive Dynamics; Product Innovation; Marketing Strategy; Small and Medium Sized Enterprises; Sports Marketing; Managerial Mental Models; Export Marketing 
H.F. (Herb) MacKenzieGoodman School of BusinessMarketing, International Business & Strategy3448Professional selling; Sales management; Distribution strategy; Buyer-seller relationships
Raymond ChiuGoodman School of BusinessOrganizational Behaviour, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship & Ethics4185Religion and Spirituality in the Workplace; Truth-Telling and Leader Character; Moral Beliefs and Leadership
Paul DunnGoodman School of BusinessOrganizational Behaviour, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship & Ethics4185Corporate Governance; Corporate Social Responsibility; Issues in Business Ethics
Deborah McPheeGoodman School of BusinessOrganizational Behaviour, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship & Ethics3908Volunteerism of Retirees; Unretirement of Aging Workers; Recruitment and Retention of Aboriginal Employees in Mainstream, Work-Family Balance as it pertains to Children in Competitive Hockey; Health and Safety; Human Resources Policies
Aaron MauroHumanitiesCentre for Digital Humanities4253Data science; Data visualization; Machine learning; Cyberpunk; Cybersecurity
Jason Hawreliak (Director, Centre for Digital Humanities)HumanitiesCentre for Digital Humanities6159Game develop; Game design; Ethics in gaming; Semiotics and rhetoric in gaming
Justin HoweHumanitiesCentre for Digital Humanities4622Interactive media; Video game development
Michael CarterHumanitiesClassics3796Acculturation; Amphitheatres; Gladiatorial Spectacles; Greek History; Greek Language; Latin Language; Roman History
Fanny DolanskyHumanitiesClassics5372Ancient Roman History; Roman Family History; Childhood in Antiquity; Roman Religion; Latin literature (late Republic and early Empire)
Allison GlazebrookHumanitiesClassics3319Women; Gender, Sexuality and Prostitution in the Ancient World
Carrie MurrayHumanitiesClassics4530Cultural Interaction in the Central Mediterranean primarily during the Archaic and Republican Periods; Ritual Practices in Sacred and Funerary Contexts
Angus SmithHumanitiesClassics3798Archaeology; Minoan; Mycenaean; Aegean/Greek Prehistory; Ceramic Analysis; Archaeological Theory; Mortuary Archaeology; Ethnic Identity; Processes of Colonization and Acculturation; Rise and Fall of Complex Societies
Katharine T. von StackelbergHumanitiesClassicsAllotments; Ancient Environment; Ancient Gardens; Food in Roman World; Roman Gardens; Roman History; Urban Gardens; Roman Hermaphrodites
Karen FrickerHumanitiesDramatic Arts5780The Eurovision Song Contest; Contemporary Circus including Cirque du Soleil; Robert Lepage; Contemporary Theatre and Globalization; Contemporary Québec Theatre; Popular Performances of Nation and Cultural Identities; Theatre Criticism
Joe NorrisHumanitiesDramatic Arts3596Drama-in-Education across Disciplines and Applied Theatre in Educational and Community Settings; Duoethnography
Ann HoweyHumanitiesEnglish Language & Literature4302Arthurian literature/popular culture; Tennyson; Children’s fantasy literature
Barbara K. Seeber  HumanitiesEnglish Language & LiteratureJane Austen; 18th century fiction; Animal welfare and Rights discourses in the 18th and early 19th century.
Robert AlexanderHumanitiesEnglish Language & Literature3886Long-Form Narrative/Literary Journalism; Journalism Studies; History of Linguistic Thought; Rhetoric and Composition
James AllardHumanitiesEnglish Language & Literature3531British Romantic Literature and Culture; History of the Body; 18th and 19th Century Medical History; Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature and Film
Gregory Betts (Director, Centre for Canadian Studies)HumanitiesEnglish Language & Literature5318Avant-Garde; Canadian Literature; Experimental Writing; Modernism; Poetry; Small Press; Canadian Literature including Contemporary Canadian Fiction, Contemporary Canadian Poetry & Modern Canadian Literature
Natalee CapleHumanitiesEnglish Language & Literature3155Creative Writing; Canadian Literature
Tim ConleyHumanitiesEnglish Language & LiteratureJames Joyce; Literature & Cognition; Modernism; Poetry & Poetics; Samuel Beckett; Translation; Jazz Writing; 20th-century literature; Imaginary languages
Martin DanahayHumanitiesEnglish Language & Literature5203Victorian Literature and Culture, Steampunk, Arts and Crafts Movement, 3D Research
Adam DickinsonHumanitiesEnglish Language & Literature5315Poetry & Poetics; Creative Writing; Literature & Science; Literature & Environment
Neta GordonHumanitiesEnglish Language & Literature3863Contemporary Canadian Fiction; First World War Narratives; Comic Books
Andrew PendakisHumanitiesEnglish Language & Literature5319Political Culture and Rhetoric; Politics; Contemporary Cultural Change; Philosophy; Critical Theory; The Economist Magazine; Post-War British and American Political Culture, Literature and Film
Elizabeth SauerHumanitiesEnglish Language & Literature3887Early Modern (17th C) English Literature; Value of Studying Literature in our Day; Women's Literary History
John BonnettHumanitiesHistory5552Digital History (3D Modeling; Digital Heritage; Virtual Reality; Augmented Reality); Digital Humanities; Canadian Communication Thought; The U.S. Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Behnaz MirzaiHumanitiesHistory5283Middle East; Modern Iran; Slavery in Iran; African diaspora in Iran
Colin RoseHumanitiesHistory5554History of homicide; History of violence; History of Europe 1300-1800; History of Italy; Digital history; Digital tools for research; Digital humanities, Digital teaching
Daniel SamsonHumanitiesHistory3503History of colonialism; rural life; agriculture; food; Nova Scotia; British North America
Jessica ClarkHumanitiesHistory4303Modern British History; History of Beauty, Grooming, and Appearance; History of Women, Gender, Sexuality; British Empire after 1750
Linda Steer HumanitiesHistory382120th and 21st century art history and visual culture; History of photography; Avant-garde, especially surrealism; Photography and drugs/addiction; Photography and empathy; Photography and social media; contemporary art. 
Renee SalhanyHumanitiesHistoryWar of 1812; Military culture in the late 18th-19th centuries (i.e., not tactics or military planning!); History of religion; History of alcohol
Maria del Carmen Suescun PozasHumanitiesHistory5145Latin America; History, culture and society; arts and society; 20th century; Latin America(ns) in Canada
Gregor KranjcHumanitiesHistory6161Modern European History; East-Central Europe and the Balkans (War and Society; Historical Trauma and Memory, and the History of the Region’s Ethnic and Religious Minorities); History of terrorism
Jane McLeodHumanitiesHistory350118th Century French History; French Revolution; Printers
Elizabeth Neswald HumanitiesHistory5327History of Science & Technology; History of Nutrition; Computer Philosophy; History of Thermodynamics and Energy
Olatunji Ojo HumanitiesHistory5146Africa; African Diaspora; Slavery
Mark SpencerHumanitiesHistory3506History of Early America; Eighteenth-Century History of Ideas; American Revolution; American Enlightenment; David Hume
Amy Friend  HumanitiesMarilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts - Visual Arts4656Photography; Experimental Photography, Photo History; Contemporary Art; Studio Practices, Art and Education
Keri CroninHumanitiesMarilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts - Visual Arts5306Art and Activism, Canadian Art History (Pre Second World War), Canadian National Parks, Environmental Cultural Studies, History of Photography, Animals in Art, Animal Advocacy (esp. as it relates to visual culture)
Karin Di BellaHumanitiesMarilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts - Music3820Piano; Music performance and Teaching;
Derek KnightHumanitiesMarilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts - Visual Arts375419th and 20th Century Art History; Contemporary Art and Theory; Curating, Art and Culture
Brian Power (Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President, Academic)HumanitiesMarilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts - Music4528Classical music; Medieval music and church history; Canadian classical music; Choral performance; Academic Quality Assurance (academic reviews and new programs); Academic Integrity
Gyllian RabyHumanitiesMarilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts - Dramatic Arts3221Creativity And Improvisation; Critical Performance Theory: RSVP & Directing Theatre; Playwrights of Canada; Scriptwriting & Dramaturgy
Matthew RoyalHumanitiesMarilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts - Music5377Music theory; Music cognition; Renaissance music theory; Theories of rhythm; Choral composition
Donna SzokeHumanitiesMarilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts - Visual Arts4116Media Art; Video Art; Experimental Practises; Contemporary Art
David Vivian (Director, MIWSFPA)HumanitiesMarilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts - Dramatic Arts4401Design for Theatre; Les Arts au Quebec (de Montreal); Performance Drama; Prague Quadrennial of Scenography and Theatre Architecture; International Federation for Theatre Research; Set; Costume and Lighting Design; Theatre; Theatre Education; Theatre Production; Stagecraft; Municipal Culture Planning; Studies in Arts and Culture
Jane KoustasHumanitiesModern Languages, Literatures & Cultures4314Quebec literature; Quebec theatre; Translation studies; Translation history in Canada; Canadian Studies
Renee-Claude Breitenstein HumanitiesModern Languages, Literatures & Cultures5889French Literature of the Renaissance; Rhetoric (praise and blame) and Argumentation; Poetics of Literary Genres and Parody; Construction of Publics; Book History; Print Culture; Iconography; Representation of Women
Cristina SantosHumanitiesModern Languages, Literatures & Cultures4498Gender and sexuality studies, especially female sexuality; Virginity studies; Popular culture and film; Human rights and literature; Storytelling and personal identity; Latin American feminism and culture; Immigrant identities in Canada
Athena ColmanHumanitiesPhilosophy332320th Century Contemporary Continental Philosophy; Phenomenology; Psychoanalysis; Feminist Philosophy; Critical Theory; Aesthetics
Christine DaigleHumanitiesPhilosophy3316Philosophy (Nietzsche, Sartre, Beauvoir, Existentialism); Feminism; Environmental Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities; Posthumanism; Interdisciplinary Humanities
Robert CarloneMathematics & ScienceBiological Sciences3827Developmental Biology; Limb Regeneration in Amphibians; Spinal Cord Regeneration in Amphibians
Fiona HunterMathematics & ScienceBiological Sciences3394Medical and Veterinary Entomology; Mosquito-Borne Diseases; Mosquito Biology; ZIKA virus; West Nile Virus
Debbie Inglis (Director, Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute)Mathematics & ScienceBiological Sciences3828/3227Yeast Biotechnology and Biochemistry; Icewine Fermentation; Yeast Stress Responses and the Link to Wine Quality; Etiology of Grape Sour Rot; Wine Remediation for Taints
Ping Liang (Canada Research Chair in Genomics and Bioinformatics)Mathematics & ScienceBiological Sciences5922Bioinformatics; Genomics; Genetics; Molecular Biology; Human Genome/Genetics; Genetic Diversity
Joffre MercierMathematics & ScienceBiological Sciences3832Neurobiology
Gary PickeringMathematics & ScienceBiological Sciences4715Sensory Evaluation of Wine and Foods; Wine Science and Production; Taste Genetics; Wine Tasting; Climate change psychology; climate change communication; climate change adaptation and wine
Andy ReynoldsMathematics & ScienceBiological Sciences3131General Horticulture; Grapes and Wine
Gaynor SpencerMathematics & ScienceBiological Sciences3391Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Synaptic Plasticity in the Nervous System; Growth Cone Behaviour; Retinoic Acid Effects on Growth Cone Behaviour and Neuronal Outgrowth
Liette VasseurMathematics & ScienceBiological Sciences4023Ecology; Sustainable Agriculture; Climate Change; Adaptation and Resilience; Sustainable Development; Community-Based Ecosystem Management (including ecological restoration and biodiversity assessment) and Environmental Health; Women in science/STEM
Aleksandar NecakovMathematics & ScienceBiological Sciences3829Cell Signaling; Live imaging; Optogenetics; Neurodegenerative disease; Cancer Biology; Stem Cells; Gene Editing; CRISPR/Cas9
Jeff StuartMathematics & ScienceBiological Sciences4814Metabolism, Cell biology, Aging & Longevity, Free radical biology
Michael Bidochka Mathematics & ScienceBiological Sciences3394Microbiology; Biotechnology; Fungi; Endophytes; Plant-Microbe Interactions; Biocontrol
Jeffrey AtkinsonMathematics & ScienceChemistry3967Antioxidants; Lipid Biochemistry; Medicinal Chemistry; Organic Synthesis; Protein Chemistry; Tocopherol; Vitamin E; Biotechnology
Art van der EstMathematics & ScienceChemistry4602Photosynthesis; Time Resolved EPR Spectroscopy; Electron Transfer Reactions; Light-Induced Electron Spin Polarization
Heather GordonMathematics & ScienceChemistry4604Computer Descriptions of Proteins & Protein- Drug Interactions
Costa MetallinosMathematics & ScienceChemistry3848Synthetic Organic and Organometallic Chemistry
Travis DuddingMathematics & ScienceChemistry3405Organic Synthesis; Catalysis; Synthetic Methodology development; Computational Chemistry; Physical Organic Chemistry
Robson De GrandeMathematics & ScienceComputer Science3090Mobile Cloud Computing; Mobile Networks; High Performance Computing; Modeling and Simulation
Sheridan HoughtenMathematics & ScienceComputer Science4526Combinatorics, Algorithms and Coding Theory, including some Applications to Bioinformatics
Brian RossMathematics & ScienceComputer Science4284Artificial Intelligence; Evolutionary Algorithms
Belinda KempMathematics & ScienceCool Climate Oenology & Viticulture Institute (CCOVI)6123Sparkling Wine; Red Wine Making; Pinot Noir; Wine Science; Wine Flavoured Aroma; Tannins in Red Wine
Jim WillwerthMathematics & ScienceCool Climate Oenology & Viticulture Institute (CCOVI)6118Viticulture - Applied and Aspects of Grape and Wine Production; Plant Biology and Cold Tolerance; Crop protection (freeze protection strategies and bird deterrents); Impact of vineyard practices on wine quality
Richard CheelMathematics & ScienceEarth Sciences3512Clastic Sedimentology; Experimental Sedimentology and the Sedimentology of Shallow Marine Storm Deposits
Gregory Finn (Vice-President, Academic)Mathematics & ScienceEarth Sciences3528Geology - Earth’s Crust; Minerals
Martin HeadMathematics & ScienceEarth SciencesAnthropocene
Francine McCarthyMathematics & ScienceEarth SciencesHolocene (and Anthropocene) paleoclimates and paleolimnology; freshwater resources, eutrophication and algal blooms; paleontology/ micropaleontology; Great Lakes
John MenziesMathematics & ScienceEarth Sciences3865Climate Change; Glacial Geology; Global Warming; Ice Ages; Soils
Mariek SchmidtMathematics & ScienceEarth Sciences3527Volcanology and Mars Geology
Syed Ejaz AhmedMathematics & ScienceMathematics & Statistics3421Big Data Analytics; Statistical Consulting; Statistical Process Control
Yuanlin LiMathematics & ScienceMathematics & Statistics4626Algebra; Math Promotion for Gifted Kids; Combinatoric Number Theory; Coding Theory
Bill RalphMathematics & ScienceMathematics & Statistics3804Financial Mathematics, Art and Mathematics, Use of Technology in Mathematics Education
Thomas WolfMathematics & ScienceMathematics & Statistics3803Differential Equations; Japanese/Chinese Game GO and its Computerization; Theory of General Relativity, Mathematics Contests for Elementary and High Schools
Thad HarrounMathematics & SciencePhysics5905Neutron Scattering
Shyamal Bose Mathematics & SciencePhysics3876Solids - Ordered and Disordered, Electronic Properties
Edward SterninMathematics & SciencePhysics3414/4457Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Relaxation Measurements in Soft Condensed Matter Systems
Tim RibaricJames A. Gibson LibraryLibrary Systems and Technologies5358Open Access/ Creative Commons Copyright; Electronic Theses and Dissertations; Metadata
David SharronJames A. Gibson LibrarySpecial Collections and Archives3264Archival Records; Preservation of Records and History; Rare Books; Brock University History
Elizabeth YatesJames A. Gibson LibraryScholarly Communication Librarian4469Open Access; Scholarly Publishing
Colleen BeardJames A. Gibson LibraryMap Library3468Use of Current Mapping Technologies and Map Documents to Study the Historical Landscapes of the Niagara Peninsula (such as the Historic Welland Canals and the War of 1812); Use of Geographic Information Systems in Brock Faculty and Student Research