Brock University working with community to encourage safe, responsible St. Patrick’s Day

MEDIA RELEASE: 13 March 2023 – R0021

Brock has proudly served as Niagara’s public university for nearly 60 years, and its students have played a meaningful role in building its relationship with the local community every step of the way.

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, the University is reminding students of the positive impact they can have by taking their role as respectful, responsible community members seriously.

To widely share this message, the University and Brock University Students’ Union have again partnered with the Niagara Regional Police Service (NRPS) and local municipalities to visit local neighbourhoods with large student populations in the days leading up to March 17.

Last week, Brock staff and NRPS began going door to door to promote safe and responsible celebrations as part of the Don’t Put the Bad in Badger campaign. The initiative sees printed materials handed out that not only encourage appropriate behaviour, but also educate students on the possible fines that can be incurred if municipal bylaws are violated. The neighbourhood visits come in addition to resources being handed out on Brock’s campus to raise awareness.

“We recognize that St. Patrick’s Day is a time of celebration for many, but also ask that our students mark the occasion in a safe and responsible way,” said Brad Clarke, the University’s Associate Vice-President, Students, and Interim Associate Vice-President, Equity. “Whether students call Niagara home during their studies or beyond the school terms, we expect that they will treat their community with respect and consideration, regardless of the time of year.”

Along with outreach beforehand, Brock has funded additional NRPS officers to assist with neighbourhood patrols on St. Patrick’s Day and the weekend that follows. During those times, police and city bylaw officers are taking a zero-tolerance approach and will have high visibility in near-campus neighbourhoods.

Various Brock departments will also be offering a series of events and programs to provide compelling on- and off-campus options for students to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day safely and responsibly. Related health and safety awareness campaigns and alternative events begin this week, including a movie night, a board game café, a ball hockey tournament, and various recreational activities, among others.

With awareness campaigns underway, BUSU Vice-President, Student Services Yasmine Hejazi says she looks forward to marking St. Patrick’s Day alongside her fellow Badgers “in a safe and considerate manner.”

“Remember to take good care of yourselves and your peers, and to be mindful of your neighbours,” she says.

Clarke encourages any students who choose to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day to do so safely and to remember that they have responsibilities to uphold as citizens and under the Brock Student Code of Conduct.

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