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Fantasy Fractions / Fractions Fantastiques

(summary of the Original Written Report)

Exploratory Object Designer: Sarah Camilleri
Date: June 2007

A Collaborative Project - Summary

This Learning Object was designed in 2006-07 as a collaborative project with the grade 5 class (teacher: Michèle-Élyse Lacroix) at École Nouvel Horizon (Welland, Canada) and the Department of Mathematics at Brock University (St. Catharines, Canada) through the Honour's project of Sarah Camilleri (supervised by Dr. Buteau and Dr. Mgombelo). The Principal of the elementary school sought partners for collaborations aiming to enrich the science and mathematics experience of his students.  A strong wish to directly involve the students in the collaboration had been expressed.  It yielded this Honour's project about the fun, interactive, and highly engaging Fractions Fantaisiques (Fantasy Fractions) Learning Object about fractions, which was designed based on the Grade 5 classes' ideas. 

The lessons, games, two characters, and story line were all designed by the grade 5 class, and were adapted and implemented by Sarah.  It also involved meetings with the grade 5 teacher and Sarah through the design phase, and a class implementation of the Learning Object at the end. The Learning Object was translated into French for collaboration purposes.


Mathematics Authors:
2006-07 Grade 5 Class of École Nouvel Horizon
Sarah Camilleri, Honour's student at the Department of Mathematics, Brock University
Michèle-Élyse Lacroix, Grade 5 teacher at École Nouvel Horizon

Project Directors:
Dr. Chantal Buteau (Department of Mathematics, Brock University)
Kamel Fodil (Principal at École Nouvel Horizon)
Dr. Joyce Mgombelo (Faculty of Education, Brock University)

Scripter & Programmer:
Sarah Camilleri

French Translator:
Natalia Rae Nestorovich

Graphic Artists:
Sarah Camilleri
Mandy Sekulic

Written by: Chantal Buteau, August 2007


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