Clubs and special interests

Brock Go Club

The Brock University Go Club meets every Wednesday in the Mathematics Learning Centre (MCJ434).

  • The Brock Go Club is in the big leagues!  See the article published in the Brock News

Caribou Mathematics Competition

The Caribou Cup is a series of six international online mathematics contests held every year for grade 3-12 school students.  In 2013/14 over 16,000 students from 14 countries wrote 57,000 tests. More details including all previous contests and video solutions can be found on the Caribou Contest home page and YouTube.

Math Kangaroo Contest

The Math Kangaroo Contest is an international mathematics contest for students in grades 1 through 12.  It is held once a year at universities across the country, and participants may write the contest in English or in French.  The purpose of this contest is to engage students in mathematics problems and puzzles in an enjoyable way, and to encourage their advancement in this area.  In 2015, Brock University will be hosting the Math Kangaroo Contest on Sunday, March 29, 2015.  Details regarding training sessions will be released in late December/early January.  Additional information regarding the Math Kangaroo Contest can be found on the organization’s website:

Mathematics and Music

Information coming soon!

Society of Actuaries

Two statistics courses: Math 3P82 and Math 5P84 have been approved by VEE (Validation by Education Experience) Administration Committee of the Society of Actuaries in December, 2013.  To receive credit, candidates will need a grade of 70, B or better in each associated course.  Please direct any VEE questions to