Brock Math Education Seminar Series 2021-22: Dr. Steven Floyd

As part of this year’s Brock Math Education Seminar Series, Dr. Steven Floyd will give an online talk on Thursday, June 16, 2022 from 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM. The talk will be entitled The Past, Present, and Future Direction of Computer Science Curriculum in K-12 Education. 


Once implemented only in optional courses at the secondary level, CS concepts and skills are now being integrated into other subject areas such as mathematics, science, and technology and other grades including K-8. This new state of K-12 CS education is explored through an analysis of 1) related theory reflected in the literature, 2) historical secondary school CS curriculum, 3) enrolment data and important issues related to equity, diversity, and inclusion, and 4) K-8 CS-related curriculum approaches currently being implemented in educational jurisdictions across Canada. Thematic Analysis is used to examine the goals and rationale of historical curriculum documents from Ontario and Document Analysis is used to compare various K-8 curriculum documents from across Canada. Together, the analysis provides a comprehensive look at K-12 CS education that supports educators, policy makers, and researchers in the field during a transformative time.

Biography of Dr. Floyd:

Steven Floyd recently completed his PhD at Western University with a focus on Curriculum Studies. Since 2003, Steven has been a high school computer science teacher, resource developer, e-learning course writer, and educational consultant. He has worked with school boards in Canada and the US in supporting computer science education in the K-12 grades, and was awarded the 2017 Computer Science Teachers Association Award for Teaching Excellence in Computer Science and the 2019 Canadian Research Centre on Inclusive Education Research Award. Steven is currently an Education Officer with Ontario’s Ministry of Education.

For information, including how to access the Lifesize meeting where the talk will take place, please contact: Chantal Buteau: or Steven Khan: