Department of Mathematics & Statistics

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics at Brock University is committed to the advancement of scientific knowledge through research, teaching and innovation in Pure and Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Mathematics Education. We strive to provide an undergraduate and graduate education based on the principles of excellence and student’s involvement and to conduct world-class fundamental and applied research.


For undergraduate students

Our BSc program, Mathematics Integrated with Computers and Applications (MICA), is one of the most innovative undergraduate mathematics programs in Canada, providing a hands on approach to learning mathematics based on the integration of technology and the fostering of creativity.  In keeping with a tradition of leadership in Mathematics Education, we offer Concurrent and Consecutive Education programs attracting some of the best future teachers.

We also offer a unique Accelerated Mathematics Studies stream for strong mathematics students that can reduce the length of an undergraduate honours degree by up to one year.

One very popular option for our students is the MICA Co-op, which allows our students to practice their skills in both the classroom and the workplace. Our MICA Co-op cohort has doubled over the past few years.

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For graduate students

We also offer a modern MSc program, with specializations available in both Mathematics and Statistics.  The broad range of research topics within the Department provides an engaging environment for our graduate students, while our intensive program prepares them for further graduate studies or the job market.

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