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October 3-6, 2022

The LIAMforum seeks to engage and inspire the next generation. It provides a platform for young people who aspire to make the world a better place to relate to career and growth opportunities within the Sustainable Resource Development space.

The LIAMforum, to be hosted online at Brock University in Ontario, Canada, is a timely meeting space where thought-leaders and participants from across the globe, from academia, industry, think tanks, multi-lateral institutions and governments, will share their ideas, research findings and ideals. Many of the presenters are involved with key sustainability issues facing the world today, working to implement actionable, results-oriented solutions.

The Forum will also cover practical subjects related to identifying career opportunities, personal growth, finding mentors and champions, and networking.

The LIAMforum aims to help young people identify exciting growth and career paths as well as connect with the participants, fostering networking and mentoring opportunities

We aim to bring together thought leaders, young and old, from industry, academia and governments with the aim of:

  • Inspiring and motivating young people to pursue careers in the resources sector, empowering them to get involved and help transform it
  • Presenting cutting edge ideas on sustainability and resource development, and their implementation
  • Showcasing initiatives and case studies from the mining, agriculture and energy sectors
  • Examining how to teach, educate and effectively inspire and motivate about sustainable resource development, in academia and industry
  • Covering practical subjects related to identifying career opportunities, personal growth, finding mentors and champions, and networking.
  • The presenters at the Forum will aim to credibly show the next generation that the sector hears them, has their backs, and truly needs and wants them in the sector, as their enthusiasm, skills and knowledge will be instrumental in helping society attain the desired sustainability goals

LIAMforum 2023 themes coming soon.




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Themes covered at LIAMforum 2022

Conceptualizing Sustainable Resource Development

    • Re-imagining a Sustainable World
    • Sustainable Resource Development: Opportunities and Limitations
    • Working together for a Common Good: Resource Companies as Change Agents
    • Regulating Sustainability: Innovative approaches by Governments, Institutions & Think Tanks


  • Breaking the Silos & Working Together for a Common Good
    • A World Without Silos and the Circular Economy
      • Views from the Mining Sector
      • Views from the Agricultural Sector
      • Views form the Energy Sector
      • Reaching Across: Case Studies
        • Mining & Agriculture
        • Renewable Energy & Resource Sectors
        • Sustainable Regulation & Resource Sectors
  • Empowering the Next Generation
    • Engaging and Inspiring the Next Generation to Take Charge
    • Doing it Better: Young voices from across the World
    • Best Practices to Bring New Talent to the Resource Sector
    • Mentorship and Capturing Intergenerational Knowledge
  • Can we Teach Sustainable Resource Development?
    • Learning, and Teaching, Sustainable Resource Development
    • Educational Silos: Within the Campus and in the Outside World
    • Curriculum, Research and Development
    • Sustainability & Lifelong Learning

LIAMforum is now accepting speakers for the 2023 conference – if you’d like to join us please reach out to our conference team.

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Organizing Committee

  • Liette Vasseur – Professor, Biological Sciences, UNESCO Chair on Community Sustainability: From Local to Global Member, Environmental Sustainability Research Centre (ESRC) Brock University, Canada
  • Frank Fueten – Professor and Chair – Earth Sciences, Brock University, Canada
  • Raziel Zisman – Partner & Leader, Sustainable Governance Initiative – Whittle Consulting

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