Faculty of Mathematics and Science Convocation Portal 2020

Pictured right – Rozhin Rowshanpour of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science completed her undergraduate degree has now started her MSc. She works on Chemistry Professor Travis Dudding’s team working on, among other excellent research, COVID-19 science.

Welcome to your Faculty of Mathematics and Science Convocation!

We couldn’t be more pleased to see you receive your graduation honours. Take a virtual walk through the year in review and reflect upon the times you’ve shared at Brock representing the faculty you call home.


Convocation is a time to appreciate the work you have done.  The papers submitted, the problems solved and all the friends you made along the way. Once you have earned your honours they remain with you for a lifetime. You are and always will be a Brock graduate from convocation onward.


Read more about the fine work and community endeavours your peers accomplished at Brock this year!

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