Undergraduate Studies

Brock’s Earth Sciences Department has well-equipped teaching laboratories including extensive collections of rocks, fossils and minerals, and courses are taught by experienced, research-active faculty who bring their enthusiasm for research into the classroom.

Studying Earth Sciences At Brock

The field of earth sciences is central in solving current global problems such as waste disposal, pollution, groundwater management, volcano and earthquake hazards. It is also vital in the exploration and utilization of natural resources such as oil and gas, minerals and aggregates. A very important area of research in the earth sciences aims to determine how the planet has evolved from its origin 4.6 billion years ago to the present. The preserved geological record, comprising the rocks of the earth, provides a long record of global change in response to a variety of stimuli. Many earth scientists are involved in the unravelling of the record of global change and in predicting future changes to the planet.

The Department of Earth Sciences offers professional programs dedicated to graduating high-quality geoscientists proceeding toward registration as a Professional Geoscientist. The Department offers other options for those interested in Earth Sciences, but not intending to become Professional Geoscientists.

The Department of Earth Sciences offers four-year programs of study leading to the following degrees:

  1. BSc Honours in Earth Sciences
  2. BSc Honours in Environmental Geoscience
  3. BSc with Major in Earth Sciences
  4. BSc with Major in Environmental Geoscience
  5. BSc Pass degree program

In addition, Co-op programs leading to a BSc Honours degree in Earth Sciences or Environmental Geoscience are available. These programs combine academic and work terms over a five year period. Students spend two years in an academic setting, where they acquire the necessary background prior to taking the first work placement. Successful completion of courses in the core areas of Earth Sciences provides the necessary academic background for the work experience.

Field trips form an integral component of training in the Earth Sciences and are offered in all years of study, linked to specific courses. Field trips may take place during the lab period, or involve a time period beyond the lab, over a single day or weekend trips.

For general information, please contact  Earth Sciences Administrative Assistant earth@brocku.ca . Detailed information on courses is available online via the undergraduate calendar.