Thin-Section Lab

The Petrographic Thin-sectioning Lab offers a well-established service for the production of thin-section microscope slides. We can produce large 5 x 7 cm or small 2.5 x 4 cm thin sections of around 30 µm in thickness. We also make polished thin sections, which are used primarily in the observation of microstructures in reflected light.

Thin sections facilitate microscopic study under bright field or polarized transmitted light to determine the composition, textural and/or structural relationship of minerals in rockunlithified sedimentsediment or concrete coresarchaeological material and ceramics. Samples, if unlithified, are dried, impregnated with resin and then processed into thin sections for the client.

Here is what a recent customer said about our service: “Again thank you for the thin sections. Not only were you fast, but you did a beautiful job. The sections are clearly labeled with a sticker, as opposed to being etched into the slide, thereby making them easier to read. Moreover, the rock chips and cut surfaces serve as nice “maps” for locating that part of the rock from which the section was cut. A beautiful job!!!” (August, 2009).

  • Descriptions and interpretations of thin sections are also available. A sample report is provided here.


John Menzies
905 6885550 x3865

Marty Ouellette
905 6885550 x35699/3523


Slide from an unlithified sediment of soil requiring a resin impregnation 5×7.5: $140.00

Large covered rock thin section 5 x 7.5cm $ 50.00

Standard covered rock thin section 2.5cm x 4.5cm $ 24.00

Large polished thin section: 5 x 7.5cm $ 79.00

Standard polished thin section: 2.5cm x 4.5cm $ 44.00

Round encapsulated polished 2.5 cm. dia. X 1cm $49.00

Double polished for fluid inclusions 2.5cm x 4.5cm $ 64.00

Slide from wood or other archaeological material $130.00

Staining add to above prices Large $7.00 Small $5.00

Provided Descriptions and Interpretations

  • Single thin section descriptions: $100.00
  • Single descriptions & interpretations: $300.00