Graduate Studies

The MSc in Earth Sciences is a relatively small graduate program with ample opportunities, located in a part of Canada that is unique for its geological and glacial features and proximity to a wide variety of geological terrains.

The Department has teaching and research laboratories which include such facilities as recirculating sediment flume, dendrochronology laboratory, glacial micromorphology laboratory, mineral separation laboratory, palynological laboratories, vitrinite reflectance workstation, cathodoluminescence microscopic analysis, atomic absorption spectrometry, petrographic image analysis equipment, water quality analysis equipment, fluorometric analysis and stable isotope preparation.  The department is home to a NASA Ames stereo pipeline which produces high resolution Martian orbital imagery. These are supported by rock specimen preparation and a cold room, core storage facilities and Departmental collections. Departmental as well as University computing facilities are available. XRD and ICPMS facilities are also available within the Faculty of Mathematics and Science. The Department shares the facilities of electronic, machine and glassblowing shops with other departments.

“I’ve had the opportunity to meet other scientists whose work I’ve cited over and again and based my research on. I’ve also been able to acquire significant awards/scholarships such as OGS and NSERC CGS-M that have helped greatly over the last few years. I am also working on getting my research published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.”
– Matthew Nikitczuk

“I have travelled to New Mexico and Hawai’i to do field work, providing me with some amazing and unique experiences.”
– Alicia Thomas

We encourage all interested students to review our admission requirements to determine eligibility for Graduate Studies at Brock University.

Our online application and accompanying instructions can be found on our website.

Please refer to your specific program of interest for application deadlines and additional application materials as they vary by program.

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To learn about some of our current researchers and opportunities, please visit the research page. For a list of previous MSc theses, please see the following PDF.