Join the space professional development and interest clubs

Greetings everyone!

Currently, Brock does not have a club dedicated to the professional development and general interest of space. That is about to change. Two clubs are being created:

  1. SEDS-Canada chapter club called SEDS-Brock:
    1. This club is meant for students who want to work in the space sector.
    2. Recently, at the Ascension 2021 space sector networking conference, employers made it clear that they want their candidates to have previous experience in the industry.
    3. The best way for students to obtain industry experience is to join an official university body dedicated to Canadian space missions.
    4. We will seek out missions with the Canadian Space Agency, NRC, SEDS, and industry to provide students with professional research and development experience in the space sector.
    5. There will also be opportunities to meet industry professionals, see presentations, network, and more.
    6. Members will be given access to the SEDS discord server which offers advice and competitions for creating your own business, opportunity postings, partner events, and direct contact with the SEDS exec team and other SEDS members
    7. This club is in collaboration with Brock’s Earth Sciences department and the Computer Science department.

                                                    i.     However, the club is open to everyone. You do not need to be in a STEM field to join the club. The space industry has a need for all sorts of skills and talents.

  1. BUSU Space club (club name to be determined):
    1. Not sure if you want to work in the space sector or you are interested in space in general? This is the club for you.
    2. This club is dedicated to those who:

                                                    i.     Would like to learn more or are enthusiastic about space generally

                                                   ii.     Want to see if there is a subject in space that they would be interested in pursuing professionally

                                                  iii.     Would like to take part in fun events, meet like-minded individuals and build camaraderie.

                                                  iv.     Any or all of the above

    1. This club will collaborate with the SEDS-Brock club occasionally

In order to create the BUSU club, we need a minimum number of undergraduate members. Please fill out this form to indicate your interest and become a member:

A student can be a member of both clubs.

Please feel free to pass this email along to your friends.

Best regards,

Cameron Andress