Fall 2022 Course Contact Info

Below is the list of courses for the Fall 2022 term, the instructor, and their email. Please use this list for any course-specific related inquiries. If your course outline provides a different contact person/information for your course, that is the one you will use instead. For courses offered outside the Computer Science department please refer to the individual department of the course and/or the Timetable from the Registrar’s website for their specific contact information.

APCO 1P00 Maysare Al Jumaily amaysara@brocku.ca
APCO 1P01 Glaucio Silva de Carvalho gdecarvalho@brocku.ca
COSC 1P02-1 Earl Foxwell efoxwell@brocku.ca
COSC 1P02-2 James Bell jbell@brocku.ca
COSC 1P03 Dave Bockus bockusd@brocku.ca
COSC 1P50 -1 Renata Dividino rdividino@brocku.ca
COSC 1P50-2 Jonathan Radue jradue@brocku.ca
COSC 2P03 Yifeng Li yli2@brocku.ca
COSC 2P12 Dave Bockus bockusd@brocku.ca
COSC 2P89 Ali Emami aemami@brocku.ca
COSC 2P95 Earl Foxwell efoxwell@brocku.ca
COSC 3P03 Ke Qiu kqiu@brocku.ca
COSC 3P71 Beatrice Ombuki-Berman bombuki@brocku.ca
COSC 3P93 Robson De Grande rdegrande@brocku.ca
COSC 3P97 Earl Foxwell efoxwell@brocku.ca
COSC 4P01 Naser Ezzati-Jivan nezzatijivan@brocku.ca
COSC 4P41 Michael Winter mwinter@brocku.ca
COSC 4P50 Glaucio Silva de Carvalho gdecarvalho@brocku.ca
COSC 4P61 Ke Qiu kqiu@brocku.ca
COSC 4P98 Brian Ross bross@brocku.ca
COSC 5P06 Robson De Grande rdegrande@brocku.ca
COSC 5P07 Naser Ezzati-Jivan nezzatijivan@brocku.ca