• Three new faculty members at COSC

    The Department of Computer Science is happy to share great news at the beginning of this Fall 2021 term!

    The recent hiring processes were very successful. Three outstanding researchers will join the department as new faculty members this Fall 2021, Prof. Dividino and Prof. Emami, and the following Winter 2022, Prof. Carvalho!

    Prof. Renata Dividino

    Provenance, Web Science, Semantic Web Foundations, Querying & Reasoning, Web Data, Knowledge Graphs, Information Integration



    Prof. Ali Emami

    Natural language processing, Machine Learning, Common Sense Reasoning, AI & Ethics, Interpretability, Fairness and Bias, Language Understanding & Generation, Causality



    Prof. Glaucio Carvalho

    Computer and Network Security, Ethical Hacking and Network Defense, Computer Networks and Network Engineering, Operating Systems & System Programming



    Welcome to COSC and Brock!

  • Canada Games Research Spotlight: Poling Bork

    The Department of Computer Science is proud to share the news that Dr. Poling (Baoling) Bork is leading an app development team for the Canada Games.

    More details about the news and the app can be found at this link.

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  • COSC MSc student awarded Jack M. Miller Excellence

    Congratulations to Cody Dennis for winning the Jack M. Miller Excellence in Research Award.
    Only one such award is given to an MSc student in each faculty.
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  • COSC students awarded NSERC undergraduate research grants

    COSC students have been awarded NSERC Undergraduate research grants (USRA).

    Their project proposals have been selected from a pool of applications across Brock University.

    You can access the full article at this link.

  • Excellence in the Teaching of Large Classes: Dr. Bork

    Po Ling Bork Teaching Lg Classes Award 2020Dr. Po Ling Bork started teaching the “Integrity & Literacy in the Information Age” course in 2017. Since then, the Computer Science course doubled in size. Always introducing practical and real-world settings in class, Dr. Bork brought a copyright lawyer, a professional engineer, a chief technical officer and chief-of-staff from the private sector. Her enthusiasm in teaching inevitably got students excited about the subjects covered in the course and their careers in IT.

    You can access the full article at this link.

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  • Poling Bork: guiding students in their career path

    Dr. Poling Bork, a COSC Senior Laboratory Instructor and Mentor, develops an essential function in the department, guiding students to find themselves in a successful career path.

    She explains the importance of mentorship to students while sharing relatable life events during her long-term experience at Brock.

    You can access the full article at this link.

  • COSC Students doing great in the International Collegiate Programming Contest

    Several students from Brock Computer Science recently took part in the East-Central North America Regionals of the International Collegiate Programming Contest (, competing against teams from Ontario, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana. Congratulations to all of our teams for their strong showing in this competition: Brock Badgers (Joel Gritter, Kindeep Kargil, and Aditya Rajyaguru), Golden Badgers (Quinn Flavel, Rikveet Hayer and Joel Liju Jacob), and Honey Badgers (Muttaz Fattal, Sam Langdon, and Brandon Wanji Wanmeni).

    COSC would like to proudly recognize the students’ time and efforts to prepare for the contest, representing Brock University and the Department of Computer Science.

    Due to their high placement, the Golden Badgers have advanced to the North America Division Championships to be held on April 22nd, where they will compete against other high-placing teams from other regions of North America. This is a huge achievement for this team. Best of luck!

  • Faculty Focus: Prof. Ombuki-Berman

    Prof. Beatrice Ombuki-Berman featured on Brock’s Faculty Focus.

    She shared interesting events in her life that truly exemplified how encouraging words helped her break barriers throughout her studies and career.

    You can access the Faculty Focus article at this link.

  • In Memory of John R. Futers


    It is with an incredibly sad heart, that we share the news of John Futers’ passing. He was an integral part of the Department of Computer Science both as a TA, Course Coordinator and Instructor, since 2005. John was one of the most diligent individuals we had the honour of knowing. He cared about the students, went above and beyond within his role of Course Coordinator (where the department depended on him greatly) and would drive from his home specifically to meet up with students as needed. He had a great sense of humour and we could tell by his conversations, loved his family. John truly was one who lived his life to the fullest and he will be missed by many here in Computer Science.

    John Futers’ obituary

    The Livestream Service will happen tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10:55 am.

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  • Brock CSC – Git Workshops

    Brock Computer Science Club is hosting two Git Workshops!

    Tired of accidentally losing code? Having trouble working on group projects? Git is widely used in the industry for version control and is an essential skill to master for all Software Development. The CSC will be hosting a workshop covering the basics of both Git and GitHub on Tuesday, January 26 from 1-2 pm over the Brock CSC Discord (
    • Please sign up for the Git Basics Workshop here
    • A second workshop exploring advanced Git and GitHub topics such as conflict resolution, merging, branching strategies, etc… It will be hosted next week on Tuesday, February 2 from 1-2 pm also over Discord. Sign up for the advanced Git Workshop here
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