Class Representative

The primary function of the Class Rep, is to convey student concerns regarding the COSC course(s) being taught (e.g. content, structure, goal of course) at a departmental level within departmental meetings or at a personal level to an individual professor or the department chair.

The Representative can also serve as an anonymous go-between between a student and COSC faculty or staff member to help solve a concern constructively or help better understand a decision that was made. The COSC Class Representatives for the course regarding the year level you are wishing to contact can be located through email:

How to use your representation

Use your Voice but write it down:

A students concern is more relevant if written on paper and signed, this may be a method to consider when voicing a concern. However it may be that a concern is better kept anonymous, in this case an email should be submitted to the representative of the courses year level in question. The identity of the person with the concern is not disclosed.

Examples of use from your reps:

“For instance, if you ever get back an assignment that has a note to see a professor, but does not explain why, you would want to contact your student rep to see if they could come with you to the meeting so you don’t have to feel so intimidated… Or if when you get your course outline you notice that you have volleyball game or other event for school that you must attend, contact your student rep to help resolve the schedule conflict… they can’t help every time, but they will at least vouch for you…”(Jonny Mc-G, Year 1 & 2 Representative 2000-2001)

Ombuds officer

There may be occasions that cause students to feel that they are victims of unfair treatment. For guidance in both academic and personal matters, (e.g. a problem or a question regarding your professor, the administration, a landlord and tenant situation, your student union, or you may simply want to know what your rights are as a student) students can contact the Ombuds Officer.

For assistance in getting through red tape, injustice, conflict and harassment, although not a lawyer, the Ombuds officer has access to expert legal advice, should it be necessary. The Ombuds officer will show you where to go, who to speak with to get help, be that third ear that you need to impartially listen and try to help you get your problem solved in a way that is fair. All contact with the Ombuds Office is completely confidential.The Ombuds office is located on the second floor of the Student Centre.Office hours are posted on the door. Phone 905-688-5550 x4195 and leave a message.