The Computer Science Department is the first at Brock to employ a Mentor, to serve the needs of its students, especially students in their first university-level programming courses.

The Computer Science Department holds Help Desk Services in MCJ 328 room and online.

Senior students provide hints, assistance, and help with COSC course activities.

The hours and schedule of the Online Help Desk service can be found at this link.

The Computer Science Club has the main goal to foster a community for all individuals who are interested in Computer Science at Brock University.

The Club hosts and participates in many CS educational and social events throughout the year.

Club members are available for providing mentorship or guidance to students.

More details about the Computer Science Club can be found at this link.

Mentor services are available in the Computer Science Department for Brock students, providing guidance and directions technically directed towards the Computer Science context.

More details can be found with the Senior Lab Coordinator/Demonstrator/Mentor (Poling Bork).

All Brock students are encouraged to seek help and guidance!

We strongly recommend any student, before accessing Brock CSC, COSC Help Desk, or COSC Mentor Service, to observe the following elements:

Class Representative

The primary function of the Class Rep, is to convey student concerns regarding the COSC course(s) being taught (e.g. content, structure, goal of course) at a departmental level within departmental meetings or at a personal level to an individual professor or the department chair.