Professor Tomas Hudlicky received silver medal of Charles University, Prague

Professor Tomas Hudlicky gave one lecture at Charles University, Prague, at the occasion of receiving a silver medal form the University, titled “Unconventional methods” in organic synthesis: contributions of flash vacuum thermolysis, organic electrochemistry, and biocatalysis with oxidoreductase enzymes to natural product synthesisThe “Unconventional Methods” talk will also be given on May 31 at the CSC in Edmonton, invited talk at the symposium on Innovative Methods in Organic Synthesis.

The European itinerary also included two lectures at Seneca Pharma, Slovakia: “Chemoenzymatic Total Synthesis of Natural Products: Recent Progress in Approaches to Morphine and Other Complex Targets” and “Recent advances in process development for opiate-derived pharmaceutical agents and progress in total synthesis of morphine”




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