There are four main research directions of the Department of Biological Sciences.

  • M. Bidochka
    Molecular biology, genetics, and biochemistry of insect pathogenic fungi
  • R. L. Carlone
    Developmental Biology: Retinoids in nerve growth and regeneration
  • A. J. Castle
    Genetics of fungi; cell-cell interaction and communication
  • Y. Haj-Ahmad
    Molecular genetics; virology; mammalian viral vectors
  • P. Liang
    Understanding the mechanism of genetic diversity and their contribution to phenotype via bioinformatics and genomics approaches
  • A. Skandalis
    Protein structure and function of enzymes involved in nucleic acid replication; molecular biology of aging
  • J. Stuart
    Mitochondrial bioenergetics and cell physiology
  • F. F. Hunter
    Behavioural ecology of haematophagous insects; molecular systematics; cytogenetics
  • M. H. Richards
    Evolution of social behaviour in insects; population genetics and molecular systematics of insects
  • L. Vasseur
    Climate change, sustainable development, community-based ecosystem management and conservation ecology
  • A. J. Mercier
    Neurobiology; electrophysiology and synaptic plasticity
  • G. Spencer
    Neurobiology; synaptic plasticity, mechanisms of learning and memory
  • G. Tattersall
    Function and Mechanisms of Thermoregulatory Control
  • D. H. Bruce
    Photosynthesis; regulation of primary events of energy conversion in photosynthesis; excitation energy distribution in algal/green plant photosystems
  • V. De Luca
    Plant Biochemistry, natural products, metabolic engineering
  • C. Després
    Plant Proteomics and Molecular Pathology
  • D. Inglis
    Redox balance in wine yeast under hyperosmotic stress, yeast gene expression, yeast metabolism, icewine fermentation
  • G. Pickering
    Wine science, sensory science, flavor chemistry, sensory perception, and wine chemistry
  • A. G. Reynolds
    Impact of viticultural practices on grape and wine aroma compounds; impact of “terroir” on wine sensory attributes; irrigation and fertilization of grapes; yeast and enzyme effects on wine aroma