Other Faculty

Below are some of the other faculty members in, and associated with, our department.

Wendy McFadden-Smith
Office: F218

Understanding the biology of the causal organisms of disease is crucial for making informed decisions regarding disease management. It is important that growers understand the nature of infections by pathogens during periods of maximum tissue susceptibility, so that sprays are applied in a timely manner. The influence of environment is equally important, and predictive computer models, may allow further fine-tuning of fungicide application timing, especially if used in conjunction with reliable weather forecasts. Alternatives to chemical control methods for disease control are also necessary to provide a truly integrated approach to fungal disease control.

  • Brudzynski, Stefan M.
    Department of Psychology
    Office: MC B334
    905 688 5550 x4653
  • Coorssen, Jens R.
    Department of Health Sciences
    Office: CRN 506
    905 688 5550 x6870
  • Kemp, Belinda
    Senior Scientist in Oenology, CCOVI, Brock University
  • McCarthy, Daniel P.
    Departments of Geography & Earth Sciences
    Office: MC D423
    905 688 5550 x3864
  • McCarthy, Francine
    Department of Earth Sciences
    Office: MC D429
    905 688 5550 x4286
  • McCormick, Cheryl
    Department of Psychology
    Office: MC B410
    905 688 5550 x3700
  • Pisaric, Michael
    Department of Geography
    Office: MC C318
    905 688 5550 x6152
  • Turner, Kevin
    Department of Geography and Tourism Studies
    Office: MC C330
    905 688 5550 x5399
  • Beh, Ai Lin (Debbie Inglis’ Laboratory)
    Lab: IH 210
    905 688 5550 x3227
  • Dastmalchi, Mehran (Vincenzo De Luca’s Laboratory)
    Lab: Cairns 535
    905 688 5550 x4151
  • Kyung-Hee, Kim (Vincenzo De Luca’s Laboratory)
    Office: MC F209 Lab: MC H315/316
    Office: 905 688 5550 x4407 Lab: x4161/4151